Disturbing Trend With Foods

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Recently I have started to have a sensitivity to highly refined corn sugars, namely Dextrose and HFC otherwise known as High Fructose Corn-syrup. These highly refined products did not used to be in everything that we eat, it is only since the mid 90’s that we saw it show up more and more. Back then it was not such a big deal because it was only in a few things that we ate and they were consumed only occasionally. After the turn of the century though that all changed. It started to show up in just about everything that you eat and they told us that it was just another type of sugar that would be good for us, that it was less harmful then the other sugars.

Yeah, right….

Lets look at this not from a numbers stand point but at what we are seeing all around us. As more and more dextrose and HFC has been added to products we have seen a steady rise in the number of obese people and a stead rise in the numbers of people with type 2 diabetes. Sure there might be other factors that can be used to explain this but when I go to the store and see that now about 80% or more of the foods on the shelves have modified corn sweeteners in them I can not see how they are not responsible for what is happening. It is in the meats, in cereals, in breads, in candy, in drinks, in crackers, cookies and sometimes even in the cheese and milk that we buy. We are literally having sugar of an unnatural nature shoved down our throats each and every day. I know that plants have their own forms of dextrose and even honey has it but it is the stuff made from the corn, the genetically altered corns that are the problem. If it was from honey or even refined sugar then it would not be so bad but corn historically has been show that if it is the main source of food that it can be bad for the body. When the indigenous populations of America, both north and south, only ate corn they had more diseases, more oral health problems and a population that was more lethargic.

BTW, since this is an oppinion artical and not a fact gathering artical you are not going to find the links to the facts. If you want them you can do a search from the oppinions that are here in this post. The author of this post is stating an oppinion based off of his own personal views and experiences with his own health and what he has see observing others around him, nothing more…

Now the reason I say that I have developed a sensitivity is for the following reasons that happen every time that I ingest dextrose or HFC:
– Insatiable hunger that only good sources of protein will stop
– Extreme irritability till the substance is purged from my system, mixed with protein or naturally is expelled. Many time I need to take Diphenhydramine, an antihistamine to get it out of my system and then feel drained for the next couple of days
– Gas and bloating and what follows it
– Discolored urine
– Hyper activity till out of system
– Itchy skin and eyes
– Sleeplessness and not in a good way either
– Makes me crave nicotine and I quit smoking in 2004!!!!

Because of what you see above I chose to cut corn out of my diet fully to see what would happen. Boy was that an eye opener when I started to read all the labels. Did you know that many salt companies use dextrose to bind iodine to salt? Imagine, they use sugar to make their salt. That just isn’t right, I have to start worrying about what the salt might have in it in all the foods that I eat. They even use it to cure ham and other meats. Sometimes they will use HFC, dextrose, sugar and honey as well as other types of sugar that they have come up with. No wonder some meats just taste rotten to me in my mouth. What takes a normal person 20 minutes to go to the store it takes me 90 minutes or more just to make sure I am not going to get sick. Those artificial corn sweeteners should not be in just about every product that we eat.

While corn itself and regular corn syrup did not make all those things above happen to me, I felt it would be best to do a complete purge and after just one week the results were noticeable by all. I was a calmer person who could think through things more clearly. I began to loose weight and I don’t exercise at all and I was never a soda drinker either, so that was not something that was cut out. I just plain felt better and had more natural energy, maybe from sleeping better. When removing just one substance from ones diet has such a profound effect you just can not ignore it. And do you know what happens if dextrose gets in my system? I have all of the effects that I listed on this page all over again till it is removed or purged from my body. HFC does it as well and leaves a sickly taste in my mouth for hours.

The whole point is that there is no need for so many things to have dextrose and HFC in them and I am not the only one with a sensitivity to them. If you look on the net you will see that there have even been deaths associated with dextrose used in IV drips because a person had a sensitivity or should we say allergy to dextrose. Many times I feel left out because I can not even go eat with friends at a restaurant for fear of ingesting something that I have a problem with. I have to read ever single label and even the labels of medicines to make sure that it is not used in them.

I feel that it is time that companies start placing warning labels on foods that warn people that their product contains dextrose and HFC in much that same way that they will put warnings for those with wheat, peanut and other nut allergies so people like me do not have to spend their lives wondering if what they eat might kill them.