Diner Dash: Flo Through Time

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

Normally, I really like the Diner Dash series of games from Playfirst, so when I saw that the gave Flo her own time-traveling adventure, I was all over it. I was very disappointed. I was really looking forawrd to seeing Flo take on dinosaurs, knights, pirates, and even aliens, but I could not get out of the Stone Age. Flo and Grandma were stuck in the Dinertown version of Bedrock, and I was about ready to turn that big dinosaur in the Caveman Cafe’ into brontosaurus burgers!

It started out pretty much like most of the Diner Dash games do, and the common customers were there. The spunky girls, the harried businesswomen, the tourists, the families, and the bookworms. In Diner Dash: Flo Through Time, the chatty-Cathy cellphone addicts had been replaced by boisterous cavemen, and there were even some picky lovebirds that would not be seating at anything but a duo table. While we had to deal with these persnickety customers, there was also the attention hound of a brontosaurus that would get angry and stomp if it didn’t get petted like a cute little puppy every once in awhile.

I only played the one hour trial of this one, and maybe, if I had been a bit more patient, I could have gone further into it, but since I don’t think I will ever get past level 5 on the first segment of the game, I’m just going to have to let Flo and Grandma get that cog for Grandma’s microwave time machine from Ogg’s Cogs on their own. After six tries on the same level and still not getting it… stick a fork in me! I’m done!