Descent (2005) Destruction Will Come From Below

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Not a bad way to spend 90 or so minutes and it keeps your attention. True it is no The Core but it is that film with a little bit better science and a lower budget. I would love to see how this film from Terry Cunningham and Lions Gate Entertainment for the Sci-Fi Channel would have done with a much bigger budget. The film could have been much more then it was but it wasn’t totally bad, at lest it is better then some of the Syfy productions of late. Money would have definitely helped this film be more then it was, a fun diversion.

Luke Perry plays Dr. Jake Rollins, a university professor that is studying the effects of plate movements and magma displacements. Shortly after the movie starts we find him and his research team looking into gas emissions on the property of some rather gun happy hunters. This soon becomes a problem since they didn’t ask to be there in the first place. As they are running from the shots fired over their heads they come upon a small waterfall that suddenly dries up and then lava begins spilling over instead as the magma has taken over the spring entirely. This is just the beginning of the worlds problems it would seem. Shortly after that there is a massive earthquake in Seattle as the even travels the edge of the Ring of Fire.

It is shortly after that scene that we find Dr. Palmer Drake (Rick Roberts) and Dr. Karen West (Marie Ward) arguing if it was Project D.E.E.P. that might be to blame for what is happening to destabilize the Pacific plate and the disasters that are happening around the Ring of Fire. Palmer is adamant that it is not his research but that it must be something else. West is not so sure about that fact and want to find out if her vehicle is to blame or not for what is happening. Her vehicle, The Mole or The Hamster as it is called later, is just one part of D.E.E.P. or Deep Earth Energy Project. Her excavator is what makes D.E.E.P. even possible as she can use it to drill down as much as 25 miles into the surface of the Earth.

General Fielding played by Michael Dorn is an ambitious and politically minded General that is out to make a name for himself no matter what the cost as well as make sure that the military gains all of the benefits of Project D.E.E.P. The only thing standing in his way is a presidential aid by the name of Marsha Crawford (Mimi Kuzyk). It is her job to advise the President of all the aspects of the scientific research and what it can mean for the country. It is supposed to mean cheaper energy for all of North America but with the military funding the project she knows that is not the only agenda for what is going on.

It is Crawford that brings Rollins and his team in to work with Drake and West to find out what is going on. Rollins actually was originally with Project D.E.E.P. but was fired when his findings and recommendations did not validate Dr. Palmer Drake research. Dr. Jake Rollins advised that if the project were to go forward that events would be set in motion that have just now started happening in the film. Soon as the two men see each other they immediately start in on the “I told you so” and “How does it feel” arguments.Fielding and Crawford both have to step in and get them to work together to find a solution, which they do.

Seems the only way to fix the planet is to detonate 2 separate 4000 megaton nuclear blasts 20 or so miles below the surface of the Earth. To get such a yield they are going to be using tritium that was previously excavated with The Mole. Seems just one 10 inch by 2 inch tube of the stuff is enough to generate 1000 megatons of force or more when it was originally supposed to be used for quick fusion nuclear generators that would be portable. When Palmer finds out about how his research has been converted into a weapon he is rather upset. Rollins just looks at him and asks him what did he expect since it was being funded by the military in the first place.

So into The Mole they go to save the earth complete with all their personal baggage, Rollins and West flirting and the military plotting against all of them. They have to find a way to work together to get over their differences to save the day. In all, not a bad film. Not a great film but still not a bad film.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆