Dead or Alive 4

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Dead or Alive 4 for the XBOX 360 was a great game when it was first out. You got more time to play the game instead buying DLC’s, but in this game there are no DLC’s at all. You have to work hard to unlock some of the characters, all of the outfits, and getting the endings.

This game was one best fighting of the games of all time and it was more challenging than other fighting games out there. I had a hard time unlocking characters and there outfits, and which I am still trying to do. I have already unlocked the characters, but trying to get their outfits. This game has 6 modes. Story Mode, Versus, Team Battle, Time Attack, Survival, and Online. I never played online on this and I don’t think it is available any more.

This game is just like the second game, but with better graphics, good looking characters, and a better gameplay. The graphics look pretty good for a 11 year old game. If this game was remastered for the PS4 with no DLC added, I would get it and have a good time playing it. This game is really hard. So you will get beaten often.

The gameplay is a little bit different from the second game. The second was on the PS2, but this game is different from this game because I’m using a 360 controller, and the combat is different than DOA2 was. I like this gameplay better than the second game. DOA2 did had good gameplay, but this one is better.

The soundtrack in this game is pretty good. There are some tracks from the second game that are in this game as well. There is a guest character, and it the Spirits from Halo. This one is a female. She is not all that great, and it was a bad idea to put her in this game. The Master Chief would have been better, but not this spirit. I like game so much, I would play over and over again. I like this one better than the second game. If I can play the third game, I would. If you are look for a fighting game, get this one. You need XBOX 360 to play this game. This game isn’t on PS3 or any other console. Just on 360.