The Day After Tomorrow (2004) Where Will You Be?

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The Day After Tomorrow stars Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal and Emmy Rossum. The film was directed by Roland Emmerich who also directed Independence Day. The world is over heating to the point that the ice caps are melting which spells doom for all of its inhabitants. Where will you be the day after tomorrow?

This film grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go of you till you see the credits at the end. We get to see real talent from the actors both the main and supporting characters. The effects in this film are mind blowing and done so well that you would think that they were real and not just props or CGI. They really do look that good and you can feel the cold as you watch the characters struggle to just stay alive. With acting and special effects this well done you are always going to have a hit. This is how a dramatic film should be, not just a bunch of sappy people crying and whining all the time.

The ice is melting and spilling gallons of fresh water into the oceans causing desalinization. This process leads to the slowdown of the North Atlantic current, a underwater stream of water that interacts with the rest of the world’s oceans. In a way this stream acts as a regulator or radiator for the planet, keeping it temperate and not freezing over. When this current stall it triggers massive storms the like that have not been seen in centuries. Super storms in California that spawn massive twisters that tear up the whole city. Massive flooding and rains all over the norther hemisphere and giant hurricane like super cell storms that threaten to freeze everything in their path.

The films main male character leads are that of Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal who play as father and son. The father, Jack Hall is a climatologist and the son, Sam a high-school nerd who is going to a competition just to be close to the girl he wants as a girlfriend. Both father and son take the lead in trying to make sure that those around them are going to come out of it all alive. No one will listen to Jack at first until it is really too late and then they have to just try to pick up the pieces that are left.

This film shows just how stupid governments can be and just how blind they are about how bad something can get. We see first hand how hard it is to explain about global warming and just how unwilling politicians are to listen or do anything about it without some sort of committee. Even if you feel the film might be just an expensive political statement, you are wrong. This film shows the true strength and character of individuals that are in hard and demanding situations. This film shows us how to better ourselves as well as entertain us at the same time. This is going to be one film that once you see it you will want to see it over time and again.

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