Date Night: One ordinary couple. One little white lie.

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Date-Night-2010-Movie-PosterFrom a time, right about now, and a familiar place, New Jersey, comes a tale of a bored, married couple that decide to change up their routine one night and end up getting embroiled in something strange, sexy, and dangerous. Phil Foster (Steve Carell) and Claire Foster (Tina Fey) are a upper middle class family that live about an hour outside of New York City. He is a tax lawyer, and she is a real estate agent. They have two overly energetic kids, and a blackmailing babysitter. Every week, they go out together, on their own, for a “date night”. Usually, they go to a local casual steak house, make fun of the other patrons around them as they enjoy their meal, and this is how it has gone for years now.

Claire wants a change, though. This is one night she does not want Phil to forget about any time soon, so for this Date Night, she has gussied up in a cute indigo cocktail dress and matching pumps, and when Phil sees her, he decides to take on her unspoken challenge, and go into the city to a trendy new seafood place, Claw. Once they get there, they try to get in without a reservation, but the snooty staff won’t even give them a shot. When a reservation name, Tripplehorn, pops up and becomes a no show, they take the table, pretending to be the Tripplehorns

This sets off a chain of events that become a wild in-town adventure for Phil and Clair, that leads the to the police, only to be chased by some dirty cops, Armstrong (Jimmi Simpson) and Collins (Common), to an ex-Black Ops agent, Holbrooke Grant (Marc Wahlberg) to the real people using the name Tripplehorn, blackmailers Taste (James Franco), and his girlfriend, Whippet (Mila Kunis), who turn out of have a lower class relationship that is not unlike Phil’s and Claire’s.

There are guns and fast cars, a wild chase through the Manhattan streets in an Audi linked to a cab face, hood to hood, and into a strip club/brothel where they find out the dirty, not so little secrets of the NYC district attorney, DA Frank Crenshaw (William Fichtner). This modern day urban adventure story is a non-stop rollercoaster ride of a movie that never lets up, and Phil is bound a determined to make sure his wife gets a great meal in NYC, no matter what time of day it is.
Is is fun, and funny, and is also the perfect date movie. So stay in, order some pizza or take-out, and have your own Date Night.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆