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dark watch
Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Darkwatch is vampire first person shooter game and fun to play. In this game, you are playing as Jericho Cross. In this game, you can be good or evil. I never played as evil. I always play as good. Good always win against evil. The story about this game is about Outlaw who was go train robbing. He didn’t know what was on the train. So instead, he got bitten by vampire name Lazarus Malkoth. Jericho is got to join the Darkwatch and kill Lazarus once for all. This game is based on a Heavy Metal comic book. I know Heavy Metal comics are very messed up stories as hell. I haven’t read Darkwatch comic and probably will not read it.

The graphics in this are pretty good for 2005 PlayStation 2 video game. I know gamers today will said this game sucks because it is too old. For me it good game to play. The graphics has a solid array of special effects and an excellent frame rate joins forces with average character models and decent environmental textures. The gameplay runs like Halo. When ever you pick up the missile launcher, it look like same tactics as the master chief holding.

Darkwatch feels fantastic and is as responsive as they come. Strong AI and physics add to the equation too, but the stage design and vampiric powers are under-realized. The soundtrack in this game is pretty good. It sound like the old wild wild west theme. This game is short and easy. You will finish this game in one day. You will like play it over again. This game has multi-player mode. You will have wait a friend to get to your house to play with you. If you are looking for vampire game, you will like Darkwatch.