Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat Collector’s Edition

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Fun Factor:★★★½☆ 

Musings has been on the hunt for macabre hidden object mysteries these last few weeks in the approach of Samhain and Dias de la Muertas. So, now we take on the tale of Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat Collector’s Edition . We are working as an assistant to Inspector Dupin as we investigate the disappearance of Sara Davies of Paris.

It all starts at the Davies home in a well-to-do area of Paris, and leads us through beautifully-rendered hidden object puzzles of featuring objects from 19th- century France. We also find many challenging locks and other puzzles that bar our way, or lead us further along the road to solve the crime. Our ever-present companion is a black cat that is missing one eye, but has a red jewel in its place. We see Sara in flashes and glimpses, through reflective surfaces, and it seems that this cat can move through the planes, keeping contact with Sara and us as well. If you love a well-played classic, and are a fan of Poe’s works, then this game is a must have. Some puzzles can be tricky, and it might be difficult to find the correct direction to go in next, but as you learn more about how things work, and how your partner’s eccentric nature lends itself to successful investigation tactics, you might find the game gets a little bit easier along the way, but don’t be afraid to use that “hint” button. You might find yourself wanting to discover the fun in Poe’s old classics all over again.