Dancing Craze

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This time management game is a little different than our usual run around the restaurant for tips kind of game. In this game, you play a dance instructor that is helping out a friend that is looking for dancers to star in her music video. In Dancing Craze,You start in a little East Coast studio, teaching various street dances, both current and retro. You keep the dancers strong and happy by making them smoothies, giving them towels, soda and juice, and offering other services like massages, fitness training, and dance training, You do this all the while you are looking for that team of dancers that is going to make your friend an overnight sensation and the newest pop diva.

While this game keeps you on your toes with its quick pace, some of your dancers can be really impatient, and if you don’t give them a place to train or show off their moves, they will bail on you, giving you less money for upgrades, and possibly even missing the goals you have set to reach to get that far. These upgrades are for faster juicers, bigger towel washers, bigger capacity soda machines, and hiring some help, like a personal trainer and a masseuse to speed up the action. You will work with breakdancers, hip-hop honeys, wave dancers, and more, then challenging them to the “DDR” machine for those whom are good enough. Taking on Hollywood with the best dance team ever will not be all that difficult if you can weed out all the drama queens that come to the dance studio that keep your dance teacher running around in circles so much, it’s a wonder that this show will ever go on. So, if you think you can make a star out of your pop singer friend, and want to be behind the scenes in bringing in the next big thing, then give Dancing Craze a shot.