The Cutting Edge (1992)

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A fun romantic comedy that involves hot butts in the air that are covered in tights and on the ice. This film is all about the ups and downs of the world of skating, notably the world of pairs figure skating. Even though this is most definitely a chick flick is is still great for the guys with all the hot skaters in all those mini skirts. So this film has it for the women with the budding romance and self discover and for the guys you get legs and butt in your face and even some sports action thrown in for good measure. This is a film that is excellent for couples to share together.

We start at the ’88 Olympics with Doug Dorsey (D.B. Sweeney) trying to get to the rink on time for the Men’s finals for hockey against West Germany. Kate Moseley (Moira Kelly) is a figure skater who doesn’t want to be at the Olympics. She hates her coach, hates her partner and is yelling at her father for the world to hear and see. As she is running off in a huff and Doug is running in to get to the game they run into each other as they round a corner knocking them to the ground. After some heated words they go off in their separate ways. Her to sulk and him to play the game of his life. He is a hopeful and is expected to make it big in the NHL and is playing the finest game of his life. Right after making a spectacular shot and goal he is thrown against the boards and knocked out cold.

Several months later he learns he can never play hockey professionally and Kate is on her umpteenth partner, trying to get back into the skating world. Both hate where they are and will not accept that things have to change both in themselves and in how they do things. It takes a desperate move from Anton Pamchenko (Roy Dotrice) to bring them both together. Not being able to find any skaters that will work with Kate he contacts Doug and brings him to try out. At first this seems like the worst of possible moves until Doug gets Kate’s father Jack (Terry O’Quinn from Lost) alone. Jake trying to buy Doug off and Doug just throws it in his face, so to speak. Just as Kate is going to tell Doug good riddens Jack tells her that she now has a new partner and that it is time that she start getting ready for Nationals.

For weeks on end they argue, they fight, they yell and scream and taunt each other until they actually do become a team. A couples skate team that could actually take the whole thing. It is at Nationals that Kate starts to get feelings for Doug but as all little girls she shows this by being even more mean to him. It is not till the Olympics themselves that she comes to realize just what she has and what he means to her, what they mean to each other.

This film has lots of twists and turns just as skaters twist and turn on the ice and the film keeps you in your seat to watch it all the way through. As I said it is a cute film that will leave you wanting to hug the person next to you and in some places can even bring a tear to your eye. If you don’t like chick flicks then stay away from this one as it just might make you want to watch more of them.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆