Cursed House 2

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

I had downloaded this game awhile back, but just now had the opportunity to test it out. I played just the hour trial, and even though the hour went by quickly, this is not a match 3 game that is going to keep you up all weekend like Heroes of Kalevala or Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire.

You have been locked in some kind of manor house by a demon king, and you have to get through many different locks to find your way out. Unlike some of the bizarre locks we might find in many HOM games, these are broken by using a match 3 puzzle grid. You match up icon using the switch method. Matching up ice blue gems on the grid gives you powerups. The upgrades can be used on a small scale, or you can hold out and get one thousand gems to just solve the puzzle, but it will take about three puzzle grids to get that many, maybe more. You might find the lower cost powerups to be more efficient, depending on the theme of the puzzle. With each room you get out of, you get bonus gems to add to your stash, but then the puzzles change, and what worked for the last lock is completely different from the previous one.

This game was pretty average, and it had a background music track that is best used when it is turned off, so that droning elevator music won’t distract you from the puzzles. In my game, I shut off the music, and cranked some 80s alternative rock. Swing Out Sister might not be what the demon king had in mind for me to work with, but I got by fine with it.

There are many match 3 games out there, made by many casual game developers all over Europe for an international market. If you want a mediocre experience, give Cursed House 2 a try. There are better and worse puzzles to play, so enjoy your hunt. As a side note, the original Cursed House game was published in both English and Irish Gaelic versions, so it might be something worth looking into.