Cultured Corn Sugar My @$!% Ass!!!!

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Just look at this link: Corduroy Orange » Blog Archive » Corn Sugar Confusion.

Om my gods I can not believe this, they just applied for a damned name change and before they are even given the go ahead they are already using it. I AM ALLERGIC TO HFCS DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!

Cultured Corn Sugar is actually High Fructose Corn Syrup and let me tell you what it does to me. 4 years ago I quit smoking and felt great. I started to loose weight and my skin was clearing up and then something happened. I started to eat more processed foods and all the sudden I could not stop eating. I was always hungry and CRAVED nicotine. I figured out by process of elimination that it was 2 things in my diet that was being put into everything that I was buying. Those 2 items were HFCS and Dextrose. I don’t care what the flippin corn growers association and their team of well paid off doctors and scientists say that stuff is POISON. There is no way that you are going to convince me otherwise of that fact since you can clearly see that since it is used in everything kids have gotten fatter and people have just been getting dumber. How the hell can you actually learn anything if you are constantly stuffing your face full of the crap that they want you to buy over and over again.

When EVER I eat the stuff my belly swells up and I litterly feel like I am starving. On top of that no matter how much I eat the hunger will not stop. Now add on top of that an insain craving for nicotine. This all happens ONLY when I eat foods with dextrose of HFCS in them. I don’t give a damned what they want it to be called, they have not been given the go ahead to do it yet. It is still being debated and now, right this very minute I feel like I am starving. No wonder they want the name changed. They don’t want you to know that they are giving it to you by a different name.

I hope that many many people see this and other blogs and research out there and will get a clue and not fall into their trap of believing that this is something good for you. Do you know how HFCS is made? Do you? They use a bacteria to modify the corn syrup. The bacteria eat the sugar and then it is excreted, ie crapped, pissed whatever, from their body and they call that an all natural food????? Get real people and demand that they shut the plants that make this stuff down. Hell sugar, real honest to gods sugar is easier and cheaper to process then HFCS and it is better for you to.

Here is another link for more information as well on what is going on: High-Fructose Corn Syrup Seeks New Name: ‘Corn Sugar’ – San Francisco Restaurants and Dining – SFoodie

The insanity has to stop and the corporations had best quit trying to kill us with sweetness. I am sick and tired of the crap they are trying to sell us and cram down our throats. I want good clean tasting food that is good for me and not loaded down with all your artificial crap! If other countries can ban the stuff from their foods then why can the United Stats ban it as well.  Oh right, they can’t since all the damned people in charge are being bought off and if you don’t have a gazillion dollars you will never be able to fight those a-holes!