Cruis’n USA

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Cruis’n USA is an old racing game I played in the Arcade many times. I always played at Wal-Mart in the Fun Center. It took 50 cents to play the game in the Arcade but, when I saw it on the Nintendo 64, I saved up some of my money. My dad use to play it in the Arcade as well. The Arcade version was been around 1994 and went on the Nintendo 64 around 1996. The were old back then but, I still keep on playing it today. This one is like Ridge Racer but with some traffic out in the street. Traffic will tick you off a little bit but, you will get used to later on in the game.

There are 4 cars to drive with and they are 1963 Muscle Cars: Chevrolet Corvette, La Bomba: DeLuxe Ford, Devastator IV: Mitsubishi Eclipse, and Italia P69: Ferrari Testarossa. This game have 14 levels. The 14 levels are Golden Gate Park, US 101, LA Freeway, Beverly Hills, Death Valley, Iowa, Indiana, Appalachia, San Francisco, Redwood Forest, Grand Canyon, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. The 2 levels I always have problem with is Redwood Forest and Chicago. The problem in Redwood is you get stuck in the trees and the problem in Chicago is too much traffic. I get crashed lots of times in Chicago. The gameplay are really good and it runs like the Ridge Racer game I played. The publisher who did is Nintendo. Midway Games did the Arcade version and Williams did the Nintendo 64 version. I know Midway Games is still around but, I don’t think Williams Entertainment is not around no more. They made lots of good games back in the 90’s, but I don’t know if they are still around. If you see one the arcade one and you want to play it, it costs 50 cents to play. If you want to save money, get the Nintendo 64 version. It much easier to play the Nintendo 64 version, because the controls are easier than the arcade version and the you can race against your friend. In the arcade version, you have steering wheel. I like them both but, the Nintendo 64 version better. If you played this game before in the arcade, and still have your Nintendo 64, get it. It will save lots of money.