Cradle of Rome 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

A fun match three game that is also full of puzzles and even some city building elements. The game starts out with the story of Romulus and Remus, twins that we suckled by a wolf when they washed ashore. The story then shows how the twins were found by a shepherd and then raised as his own and trained how to fight and given an education. When they were older, 20 years later, they decide that they are going to build a grand city on the 7 hills that Rome sites on today. They don’t have anything to work with so it is up to you to make sure that they have the materials to start their grand city with.

The main part of the game consists of match three style boards that allow you to collect money, supplies and food for the village that is being made. Each type of coin gives you a certain amount of gold to use in the construction of that village. At times you will need other supplies, food and materials so that a certain building can be made. When those are needed they will show up in the game so that you can collect them. For every match three or above that you get of an item that is added to the total collected with bonuses. The more items matched at one time determines how much more you are able to collect. There are also items in the mix that are used on the board itself such as hammers and bombs. When ever you match them up they go into your helper tools bin that you are able to use when they fill up. One thing to keep in mind, once they fill up they don’t fill any more so make sure to use them when you get them.

Once a board or level has been completed you are shown the valley of the village that you are working on. It is your job to make sure that all of the materials are ready to be used so that you can get the plans to build the next item that the village needs. When you do have the materials you have to get the plans and you don’t just buy them. They are picture puzzles that you must complete to get the plans that you need to continue. These picture puzzles are timed so don’t wait around too much trying to figure them out. Since they are timed you are not penalized for getting something in the wrong place. Many times the puzzles are simple square puzzles like cards that you have to match up. Other times they will be mixed up jigsaw puzzles, memory games or even sliders that can be either square or circles. Once you have the picture then you have the plans that you need to advance the construction of that item. If you don’t have enough to get the plans you just play another board to get them.

This game has wonderful sounds and graphics that draw you into the game and keep you interested as well as a compelling story line as well. It is not often that you see match three games done with with elements of a city builder in them and it is a welcome change.