Corporations Are People Too, Right…

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Since today is election day lets look at how things are in the minds of certain people that shall remain nameless but we really already know who they are. They would like to have the citizens of these United States of America to believe that corporations are people. They feel that a single corporation should have the same rights and privileges as every other American citizen. They even convinced, with the help of corporate money, the Supreme Court to agree to the point. I know that these poor down trodden companies need to have special privileges so that they can steal, err, I mean take… Ummm… EARN your money so that they can buy the elec… ummm, influence the elec…. Uhhh, pay the media to make sure that the media will publish thier lies, umm, thier version of the truth to the American people.

See how confusing this all gets when you are talking about big money and the corporate building that has the same rights as you on speaking its mind? We have really come far in making sure that those that would put us in our place have more rights to speak then we do. Can you imagine, MONEY has the right to speak where as the normal American citizen that might have something really important to say doesn’t have the right to say it unless they pay through the nose and any other orifice to let others know what the truth of a situation might be. Because of this we now have the circus show running right now on the news and every other type of social media that has been made so far and even those that have not been dreamed up yet. Oh yes, we have done a great justice to the almighty dollar and corporation and have made sure that we the people are getting shafted because of it. Can we at least have some cream for our aching backs and butts from the reaming that we are getting?

What I want to know is what should be happening with these new found and court approved rights that these corporations have been given. If they are a person then they should EXIST by the same rules that the rest of us have to live by. Just think that if they had to adhere to the same penal code that the rest of us have to. If we commit a crime we can go to jail as well as pay a fine. A fine that we normally are not able to pay due to the stinking economy that we now have. Anyone who has read my commentaries knows how I feel about that. If we commit murder, which I haven’t, we are locked up for years, sometimes for life and are not allowed to make any money off that death ever. In some states a crime of that magnitude would mean that you are going to be put to death. Can you imagine a corporation having to live by that rule?

If a company or corporation is seen as being responsible for a death they are slapped on the wrist and told not to do it again. Sure they are fined but it is a drop in the bucket of side handed business to them. Its how I feel when they get away with it. They don’t spend time in jail, they don’t get fined to the point that they are put out of business, they are not told to close up show and never be allowed to work ever again. Sure if they don’t have money they will bee doomed but someone, or rather another company will just come in and buy them out and they then go on as if nothing ever happened. Right now they are starting to have more rights then a real flesh and blood citizen. The next thing you know a company will have the right to cast a vote for president, oh wait, they already do! They just do it in a way that you might not see right away.

Who do you think pays for all those damnable phone calls of dead air and robot voices that we keep getting. Who do you think pays for all the air time that we see every single day for hours on end about some candidate or another. Who do you think pays for all the junk mail that you are getting in your mail box each and every day. It isn’t the candidate paying for that, at least not most of the time. What is paying for it, the greater portion of it is no normal everyday people. What is really funneling the money is that of companies and corporations that want to shape your viewpoint. They even take and buy ads to influence you that never go through the candidate. They want to make sure that you believe what they want you to believe and that is not always the truth of the situation.

Its easier for them to do it now because many Americans are at a disadvantage. They have been shunned and poorly educated for so long that they just don’t know better. Another reason we need better education standards and all the money in the world will not fix that till you are willing to educate the people instead of just shuffle them from room to room to take a standardized test. People, the average American citizen, are not to blame for their inability to understand what is happening to them. The companies, the corporations and those that control them with hidden agendas are the ones that are to blame. Well if they want to be people then they need to step up and live by the same rules that we have to.

If a company or corporate personhood wants to be an individual with the same rights and privileges of a real normal American citizen then they need to have to live by the same rules as well, both financial and criminal. If the normal person has to live by the criminal code then the company has to be accountable as well to the same degree. If they are convicted of a crime then the company must suffer the same consequences as that of a real flesh and blood person. It is time that the corps wake the hell up and start playing by the rules that the rest of us breathing people have to.

Now to every flesh and blood person who is able to breath, get out there and vote and make sure your rights are not going to be stripped away. If you let them, they will surely do it and then you will have only yourself to blame.