The Core (2003)

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The Core Poster“It’s the end of the world as we know it….” R.E.M. sang those words in the best decade for music ever, but little did they know that there would be many, many movies based on that phrase for decades to come, and this is one of them. There are many unstable biological and geological things happening, such as birds flying in suicidal patterns in England, and other parts of the world. Bizarre lightening storms that can take out ancient cities, people dropping dead in parts of metro areas for no reason, but it seems that the government thinks that Dr. Josh Keyes and his colleague, a weapons specialist we only know as Serge, has the answers. Once the D.O.D. learns that what has caused these instances is nature and not an act of war, they let the two men go, but Dr. Keyes thinks there is more to it. After doing some more research in his own lab, he learns that the Earth’s electromagnetic field is out of whack, and when people start seeing auroras as far south as Paris and Washington D.C., it is time to look further into what is going on. Guess what! The Earth’s outer core, the molten metal that keeps the planet’s electromagnetic field in check is broken.

He turns to Dr. Conrad Zimsky, a scientist is who is in his chosen field, but with close connections to the government, and a snarky arrogant weasel. He might be a weasel, but he confirms the data, and brings the news to the boys in Washington that the outer core of the planet has stopped spinning. Bring in the NASA astronaut navigator who saved the city of Los Angeles from a misguided space shuttle crash, her commander, an engineer whose invention can travel through the planet and possibly bring a crew home safely, a hacker that can block anyone from leaking information, and Dr. Keyes old colleague, Serge, plus billions of dollars in government funding, and a payload of a multitude of warheads, and it looks like getting Earth back on her magnetic track might be a reality.

As with any mission of exploration into the unknown, there are dangers, and the inner parts of the Earth are loaded with them. If only they had to deal with dinosaurs and sea-monsters like the explorers in Jules Verne’s, A Journey to the Centre of the Earth did. No, the terranauts of the Earthship Virgil have to deal with giant leaky geodes, intense heat, floating diamonds the size of Winnebagoes, nuclear weapons, and each other’s attitudes, it is amazing that they ever get the outer core spinning again, but through good luck and bad, mostly bad, and without resorting to the government’s plan when their original fails, which might have been the cause of the broken out core in the first place, they get the core spinning again, and the planet starts to heal itself.

If you love movies with great scenes of geological instability, or world-wide disasters that have the potential to be fixed, then you must see The Core. There are many other movies with this kind of theme, but this is really one of the better ones, and with a great cast, Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Stanley Tucci, Delroy Lindo, Tchéky Karyo, Bruce Greenwood, and DJ Qualls, it never won any Ocsars, but won the hearts of many fans.

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