Cooking Quest

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

So, it looks like the developers of some cooking sim games decided to reel in players from the hidden object mystery category with this silly cooking game that makes you hunt down silly objects in various restaurants to find the one tool, such as a quality knife or corkscrew. Not only that, if you find the items quickly, you get a cash bonus, but you lose cash if you use hints, and some of these useless items are so tiny, you know you are going to have to use them. Then comes the time to shop, from low end supermarket fare, to quality wines, meats, organic veggies, and such, your budget is limited, so you can’t spend money on puzzle hints, or your restaurant critic is going to give you a low score. In this game, as well as in the real world, you get what you pay for, so be careful on how the money gets spent.

while this game might be great to teach kids a little bit about food shopping and preparation, which you do very little of, unlike some other cooking games, the hidden object part is really lame and could have been left out. Unlike the 2 Tasty series of games that is more of a time management game with a cute storyline to keep us interested, Cooking Quest is far too cluttered to keep me interested. If this is supposed to be a cooking contest in Foodville, it should focus on the food, and not all these stupid little things that are in our wine cellars or dish washing areas. BTW, when one of your puzzles asks you to look for a mouse, don’t be retro like me and look for a furry little rodent. They are want you to find a computer mouse. So frustrating! but then so was this game.