Congress is rather silly with its stance on jobs and taxes

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Our country has many problems that it is facing today. We have multiple wars, massive dept and a Congress that loves to do nothing other then argue with each other and focus on things that really have no bearing on the average citizen. The country is being crushed with unemployment that had not been see for decades and a financial industry that is greedy as all hell. I don’t think the gods of the underworld are near as greedy as they are. Here are just four things that if taken care of would fix much of our once great country’s woes.

Jobs: Our country needs jobs badly and there are ways to get those jobs but Congress just is not seeing it that way. Actually it is the Republicans that are blocking the creation of jobs in what I feel is an attempt to totally discredit any other party but their own. I wonder just how they will feel when their file and rank wake up and see that all they are doing is pandering to those that pay them the most to vote their way. With all that I have seen on the news and read on the net, other then Fox News, I do not see them having any independent thought whatsoever. They shoot down anything that might take away a tax loophole or the hint of a higher tax without even looking at the merits of it. That is tax on the wealthy but they have no problems making sure that those without money are forced to service their wealthy greed.

I honestly think that they don’t want to see anyone able to make money unless it is for them. With so many poor people around how can they not see how bad things are. Too many people are living paycheck to paycheck and many of them don’t even have enough to eat with. Rent is high, energy is higher and they say that there has not been an increase in the cost of living. I guess if you are used to eating steak and lobster from a private cook they would not see just how bad it really is. I would love to see one of them, any one of those on The Hill try and live on 14k or less which is what many individuals are forced to do.

America needs to get back to work and it is time that the idiots that think they know it all need to let Americans work. To do this they need to enact legislation that will give incentives to Small Business to hire. Most people have always worked for Main Street not Wall Street or corporations. Grocery stores and clothing stores might not seem glamorous but they are needed for even the simplest of things. To make it so that a person can not even get a job at one of these should have their head examined because I don’t think they have a brain. If you can’t eat you can’t live. It is really that simple.

Debt: There is absolutely no reason for the debt that this nation is now under. If a normal citizen had as much debt as the United States they would be constantly in court to explain their actions. So why is it that we have this much debt? Why is it that during the years of the Clinton administration we saw debt decline and the quality of life go up? Why is it that during those years Social Security was bolstered and Medicare and Medicaid made more solvent? The reason why is that the Republican mantra of no taxes was not being heard nor was it acted upon. It was not till the Republicans took over and deregulated everything that we all began to suffer. If you look at history you can see no other reason then this. They said it would increase the economy and make life better for everyone but the only ones that it benefited where the greedy banks and corporations.

The average person saw their income dwindle and the restrictions on getting a job get higher.We saw employers start to demand college educations for jobs that only needed a technical school for. We also saw them start to say that you could not get work unless you already had a job. They wanted to make sure that they could get the highest educated labor for the cheapest of wages which started to lock people out. People who had always worked, people who always paid their taxes and people that didn’t have a 100k piece of parchment now were told they were worthless. When a country starts telling those that want to work that they are worthless is a country that might as well be a totalitarian state under a dictatorship. Is that what Congress wants us to be? Do they want us to be all homeless and jobless while they are behind their electric fences without a care in the world? Its no wonder you have the Occupy movement going on.

Congress: In the beginning of this great country the Congress was set up to be a group of individuals that were elected to service the peoples needs, not their own. Boy how the idea of a Republican went from a servant of the people to a servant of greed. If our founding fathers could they would be turning over in their graves to show their collective asses to the self absorbed leaders of our once great nation. Until we have a responsible group of leadership that is how I see the United States, a once great nation.

When you have a group of people that take from those that are most in need and give it to the wealthiest that is a sign of not being great. The only ones that serves is themselves and the wealthy that they keep giving breaks to. They should be looking for ways to make this country better and not just stonewalling about because of a party line. That is the problem with a 2 party system that we have right now. Sure there are other political parties but they see them as only independents and not a really party. The Reform Party is just as real as a Democrat or a Republican party as well as all the others that are registered as such. It is time that we see the field populated with more then just 2 teams and some cheerleaders. We need real change in Congress and in the Senate with the addition of multiple parties. If no one can have a majority they would be forced to work with each other to get the job done. Right now no job is being done and many members of both the House and the Senate should be removed from office for the poor job they are doing. If an employee of any company acted the way that they do they would be fired and replaced.

Taxes: Taxes have always been a contemptuous subject but one that is needed to be able to keep things running. If there were no taxes there would be no roads or rails or anything to run on them. It is the money collected from taxes that pay for schools, the roads we drive on as well as for the emergency services that we all rely on. If there were no taxes there would be no police, no firefighters and no services to do the simplest of things. We are all expected to pay taxes so that we can have an ordered society as well as be able to have some of the nicer things in life. It is taxes that pay for parks, pay for national forests, pay for clean beaches as well as keep us informed about dangers of nature that might be coming our way. From this you can see that they are indeed needed even though there are many that think that they can be done away with.

The Republican party has been trying to remove all taxes on the wealthy and shift all of that burden onto the middle and lower classes, the poor, of our once great nation. They want you to believe that it is the only way that they will be able to create jobs that are desperately needed. They are never going to make jobs with those tax cuts, they will just pocket the money and think us all a fool for letting them do it. What are they going to do when there are no more people working to pay all the taxes that is needed for all their kick backs and serviceable roads. It makes no sense that they would balk at paying their fair share when they expect us to do the same. I guess they just think that we are the ones to blame since we didn’t take courses in corporate greed and lying with misdirection. The people that make these rules about taxes for the ones that can’t afford it need to get their head out of the sand and realize that people are only going to put up with so much. It was that kind of mentality of the British Government over 200 years ago that caused the American Revolution. They need to realize that it is “We the people” and not “We the greedy corporations and banks”.

When they can start seeing the country as a whole and not just them as the cream on the top of what they think of sludge then we are going to see this country great once again. When we can see people greet each other with politeness and genuine care then we will see this country great again. When we can see a Congress actually doing their job for the people instead of acting like spoiled preschoolers then we will have a great nation once again.

I urge you all to think about these things when next you consider if someone is right to represent you in Congress in either the House or the Senate. Think if it is you they want to represent or all the money that they collected from the wealthy that they are going to represent. The only way we are going to see a change is if the people in Washington D.C. are changed OUT!