Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

While I did find thatColumbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone had an engaging storyline, the frustration factor sort of put me off. The graphics were well lit, and sometimes thing were pretty easy to find in this hidden object mystery. The setting is just a few days before October 12, 1492, and it is a part of Columbus’ record that was never logged, and for very good reasons. It seems that there was an encounter with the ghost of a young woman that had died when the ship she was on was attempting to make the same journey just a few years before. So, Columbus goes from explorer to sleuth as he tries to track down what happened to the ship that came to these tropical islands before his Pinta.

We see various items that could belong to natives of the Bahamas and the Caribbean at the time, along with possible ruins from Vikings, and other explorers that were rumoured to have reached the New World before 1492. Some of the hidden object puzzles are pretty precise in their historical accuracy, even from a speculative view, and clear to see, but some are darker, you you might find that the hint button might be a little too handy to have around. You might be using it more than you should. Still, it is a fun “what if” kind of story about this explorer, and there is even a rumour that Columbus did see a UFO while on his first voyage to the New World. Maybe that spirit wasn’t a spirit at all. So, enjoy a little American history on Columbus Day, and give Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone a try.