Coffee Rush 3

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Make you sure you have an extra large cup of quadruple espresso next to you when you attempt to play this game, because you care going to need every bit if that caffeine to keep up with Coffee Rush 3. This game moves so fast, you would think the developers were writing their code in double-strength cappuccino. We are up against a big coffee tycoon that is taking over the town, and cutting costs as low as the bottom line will go. His coffee is so bad, one would think it was drudged off a Mississippi River trash barge instead of from some coffee bean field in South America. In this game, we are going to not only take this tasteless nincompoop down, we are going to dominate the take-out coffee industry in town, and buy up every outlet.

This match 3 time management game brings in customers of all kinds with limited emotions, but from all walks of life, and in the grid, we get all kinds of tools and boosts to keep the game running at its break neck speed. Your eyes might get a little weary and runny from trying to keep up with it all, but if you got enough talent to keep up, Coffee Rush 3 might be worth the time. Good luck with that!