Coffee Rush 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

After playing both Coffee Rush and Coffee Rush 3, I have to admit this is the best of the three. This has the elements of both the prequel and the sequel, and Coffee Rush 2 won’t boggle your eyes out in trying to keep up with it. We still have the dame formula of ice, coffee beans, sugar, milk, and ice, and Smokestack is still trying to kick us out of town and make everyone drink his nasty coffee. I guess he just doesn’t get it after three of these match 3 games devoted to making sure the fictional town we play still has access to cream of sweet bean soup. (No azuki bean cakes here, really, but what a great idea for the fourth game!)

We have people in different professions with fun personalities, like the drill sergeant and the soccer mom, even a cowgirl and a hippie. These characters have varying levels of patience, which makes the lines they wait end a little chaotic, but you can make any of these players chill by offering them up candy, ice cream, and pastries. You still have the order boosters of salads and sandwiches which make a real meal from a simple coffee order. If only the real coffeehouses gave such service! Come grab a cup in Coffee Rush 2 right now!