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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

If you enjoyed the Naughty ’90s, and are a retro fashionista, then you will love Clueless. It features all the main characters from the movie (although, I found the TV show to be far better), and focus on our little Beverly Hills clique and how they use their fashion skills to entice their dream dates.

This game plays somewhat like Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour, but is very localized, featuring only fashions commonly seen in the Los Angeles area in the 1990s. Beverly Hills preppy, Santa Monica beach scene, Cosmo cowgirl, L.A. grunge, and so on. We go on this materialistic tour of the town with Cher and Dionne as our guide, but they are still doing their best, with our help to catch the attentions of Josh and Murray, and to aid their friends in doing the same, along with some of the lonely teachers at their high school.

While this game is cute and fun, the graphics tended to be a bit blurry in the full screen mode, and listening to the L.A.based speech patterns can get a little nerve-wracking, even if you have lived with it since 1982. Still, this game is a fun diversion compared to other fashion games, and I do like the way it focuses on one certain geographical area. Is there a Clueless for 1980s Miami? Oh, yeah, Grand Theft Auto Vice City.