Clock Tower 3

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

I never played the Clock Tower series, but when I played this game. Clock Tower 3 is the first game of the Clock Tower series. This game has a good storyline, a good gameplay, and great graphics. The storyline in this game is about a fourteen year old girl named Alyssa Hamilton,and when she got a letter from her momma. Her momma told not to return home because there was danger in her home. Well, Alyssa had go over there and things didn’t turn out right. She had to got in time and fight four evil spirits called Subordinaters. They want Alyssa’s heart for the dark gentleman ritual. The ritual is about sacrificing a fifteen year old girls, and Alyssa is one of them. And yes she about to be fifteen in this game. Her grandpa want to sacrifice her, so he will become a god.

In this game, you have to help out spirits who got killed by the Subordinaters. Find the item that the spirits had lost before they die. When you are looking the item, beware of the Subordinaters. One of came out of no where and I got spooked. I had got a lot of times in this game. The combat in this game needs some help, though. When I’m playing this game, I have to wait for the arrow to get a clear shot, but for me, I shot them with a Golden AK-47. Alyssa’s weapon is a bow. The bow is more magical than ones on Skyrim. That bow will never let dragon go in the sky.

This game will get a pain sometimes. The gameplay in this game is pretty good. It does almost run like the old Resident Evil on PSone, but with better movements. The graphics in this game look great. The game almost looks like Resident Evil 4. This game came before Resident Evil 4 did. This game was done by Capcom. Capcom had alot of good games back then, but they are been like EA now. The soundtrack sounds a old Dreamcast horror game. So, the soundtrack not so good. This game is a good game to play, but will get spooked in this game. Reviews think this game isn’t scary at all. That is full of bullcrap. This game is only on the PS2. So if you still have your own PS2, you should try this game out. I found this game at a pawn shop.