Christine O’Donnell – Witchcraft – Sex

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What is it with the politicians these days. They must think that every single one of us is a stupid idiot moron, at least that is what they are hoping. At least that is what it seems like. Take Christine O’Donnell, she says she is a christian who is against gays, against self gratification, against witchcraft and who knows what else. The woman gives all of us in the United States a bad name.

Now what is wrong with being a witch? Really, what is wrong with it. They don’t hurt anyone, true witches actually help. Ancient witchcraft gave us the roots of modern day medicine, but then again the whacko Republicans and Tea Party nuts want to take medicine away from us. They want to deprive us of our very dignity. I can say this with conviction because what politician in their right mind expects to get away with the crap that they keep doing. I guess if they push hard enough and make sure our bodies and minds are poisoned enough that we will forget everything that they have ever done and just blame it all on Obama.

Witches are not Satanists, they are herbalists, healers and counselors. If it wasn’t for the original practice of the craft we would not have doctors and nurses today. Do you think those practices were based on religion? Please! It was the ingenuity and intuitiveness of the witch, the druid, the priests and priestesses of old that laid the foundation of all of modern medicine. Where would all those clogged artery and fake boobed poli-women be if it was not for, OMG, WITCHCRAFT!!!!

People really need to learn history before they open their mouths. It just makes sense that you should know some of what you are talking about before you make a total ass of yourself. People believe that Obama is the reason we are all in the crapper, guess what, it was the 8 years of Bush and republican congress that did that, not just one individual. So leave the poor man alone for GODS sake. Yes, gods, I believe in more then one and if you take issue with it you can take it up with Danu.

Now what is with O’Donnell’s views on masturbation? Come on, would you rather have people in such a high sexed state that they are a danger to themselves and others or would you rather they jack and jill themselves off. Didn’t you know that hysteria, the old definition of it, was only relieved by a woman going to a doctor to be manually manipulated (jilled) till they had an orgasm? Why do you think that the vibrator was made, the doctor got too many hand cramps and just couldn’t keep up with the demand of his female patients. Which by the way brings up another interesting fact, most of his hysterical patients were nuns and wives. Guess the men just didn’t know how to make sure that the woman they were with didn’t have to be gotten off by another man. No wonder there was so much cheating going on. If I don’t get my wife or partner off I feel that I have not finished the job right. Men get a clue and woman you need to get a clue as well. It takes 2 to have sex.

So, Christine, quit dumping on the witches and quite saying that they worship the devil, because they don’t. Any actual practicing witch will tell you the very same thing. And if your not getting off then I sure as hell don’t want you anywhere near high explosives, and that is just what Congress has their hands on. They can blow crap up in an instant and not even know why they did it 2 seconds later.

So, to recap:
1. Witches DO NOT worship Satan
2. Lack of jack and jill leads to hysteria
3. Politicians don’t know what the hell they are talking about

Now to be fair, some politicians actually care what happens, to them I don’t think of you as politicians but as Social Troubleshooters who are trying to get things done.