Chipley’s Best Cheesegrits

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5 cups water
1 cup white quick grits
1 tsp salt

4 eggs
1/4 pound sausage
4 slices bacon
4 slices American cheese

Bring 5 cups of water and salt to a boil. Add grits, bring to a boil, then cook on low heat till done, about 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Cook eggs sunny-side up. Once done, dice eggs, set cheese on top to melt. Slice bacon into 1/4 strips, then cook with sausage in iron skillet or wok till done. Place eggs, bacon, sausage and cheese into grits, and let set for five minutes to allow cheese to melt fully. Fold all ingredients in together until cheese is melted through. Makes 4 1 1/2 cup servings, or maybe a little more. Serve with butter and salt and pepper.

If your kids balk at the idea of cheesegrits, give them a shot at this. They will be hooked, and asking for it every weekend. For those of you who have never been lucky enough to try grits, this is a great way to start. It’s the perfect all-weather breakfast, warms you in the winter, and gives plenty of energy in the summer. If you are watching your cholesterol, watch out. Even though these grits are tasty and filling, they are loaded with heavy meats and eggs, so you light diners might want to opt for something a bit more summery. As for the rest of you, good luck with your newest addiction.