Chasm: The Rift

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Chasm: The Rift is a alright game, but not good or bad. It is a OK game. In this game,you are going back in time time and killing the Timestrikers. The Timestrikers are an alien faction. They are trying to attempting to take over the earth. Using the military technology and energy leaks, they can invade different time periods. The military has a plan to stop the Timestrikers. You must stop the Timestrikers before every thing will go wrong or they will take over planet Earth.

For me, this game has a stupid storyline. This game should be a Syfy Saturday night movie. It sounds like a Sci-fi movie that should be on TV only. Not in the theater or on DVD. The graphics look like the first Quake game. When I looked at this game, I was thinking it is going to be like Quake and it is. When you are killing these aliens, they will jump and you will get spooked a little. Sometimes, these aliens are really hard to kill. The gameplay runs like Quake as well. The gameplay is a little bit different from Quake. When you are playing this game hours and hours, you will feel dizzy. Not the kind of dizziness from Oblivion. This game is not for consoles. Just for PC and this game will not play on Windows. You will have to get a DOS box to play this game, if you want try this game. I like Quake better than this game, because gameplay is better, the mouse will not freeze up, and the graphics runs much smoother. I don’t care about this game so much. So if you want give this game a try, go ahead.