Cave Quest

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FunFactor: ★★☆☆☆ 

Cave Quest takes us into a part of the world where…. well, I don’t exactly know where Isabella’s brother was spelunking, or where her parents ended up when looking for him. This could be in the Himalayas, or it could be in the Rockies. I see mountain spirits that look like little yetis, shamans that look very native to the Americas, and monks that could be Tibetan Buddhists. Very confusing. Isabella and her boyfriend, Mike, get guidance from various people in the area along the way as they search for Isabella’s family members. There are puzzles throughout the various stops, many different kinds. Match 3 to get you through new areas of the mountain caves, Puzzle Quest -style battles as she takes on hostile mountain spirits. Hidden objects in the outposts. The irritating thing about Cave Quest was that if you missed something on one part of the mountain, the game map would keep pulsing that area until you went in to that area to find out what it was. In my case, it was a stick, 1 of 20, that was needed to build a fire in a cavern further up the mountain. Sheesh! Ever hear of Colman lanterns? Cave Quest was a mediocre quest for a storyline, and it was pretty much lacking. Sorry, but you missed this time.