Catwoman 2004 It All Started On The Day She Died

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Even though everyone knows Catwoman as the love interest of Batman, that is not the case with this film. In this Catwoman Patience Phillips (Halle Berry) is a struggling artist working in the advertising art department of a cosmetics firm. The firm is about to release its new flagship product Beau-line. At the same time they are doing away with the old model and bringing in a new one to attract a younger audience for the product. That is the setup for the film but before that we are told that Patience has died and that this is her story.

Patience is a dumpy frumpy kind of girl that would rather walk off the bottom of her pants then to actually hem them up. She wears smocks backwards, trips over things and is always apologizing to everyone even when it is not her fault. She has no self confidence and the art that she does for herself is rather dark and angry, as it it is her only outlet. She has no boyfriends to cuddle up with and only has her man an beauty obsessed friends Sally and Lance, her extremely gay co-worker who keeps wanting to dress her in leather. That is her life day in and day out with nothing going on of any importance until she sees a cat out on a ledge and tries to rescue it.

Tom Lone (Benjamin Bratt) as a police detective that sees Patience climb out on the ledge and thinks that she is a jumper trying to take her own life. She assures him that she is just trying to save a cat but when they both look the cat is not there and the air conditioner that she is standing on is about to crash to the street. She tells him her apartment number and he rushes in to save her. She thanks him and then dashes off to get to work only to be chewed out by her boss and the owner George Hedare (Lambert Wilson) for not getting the design as he envisioned it. Laurel Hedare (Sharon Stone) convinces him to give her another chance.

Laurel is the old model that is being replaced with the launch of the new line and Drina (Kim Smith) is the person that is going to replace her, even in her husbands bed. Laurel knows exactly what is going on with Beau-line and is going to make sure that it goes to market no mater what. When women quit taking it their skin starts to fall to ruin so once they start they really can never stop if they want to remain looking beautiful. It is this secret that Patience finds out and is also the reason that she is killed, to keep it a secret. Midnight, an Egyptian Mau, has other plans for her and breath back into her the life that was stolen. As all the cats in the area flock to her, to give her a bit of themselves, Patience starts to become Catwoman. Even her eyes change because of what is done to her.

This film is full of twists and turns and we get to see Halle in some very hot clothing as well as some action backed fight scenes as she scampers all over the place. She loves what her new body can do and is enjoying every minute of it, even going so far as to put her boss down verbally in front of the whole art department. That one act endears them to her and to help her make sure she has a place to stay and friends to talk to. Watching this film gives the idea of Catwoman a whole new range and one that it has needed for a long time. This is going to be a film that you will have wished you watched sooner so that you would already have it on your shelf.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆