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Mouth Wide Open campaign in Northamptonshire

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I would like to thank VampireFilmNews on Twitter for this wonderful and funny short video that is now on YouTube. Believe it or not this video is actually a commercial for the NHS Northamptonshire dentists that is taking advantage of all of the vampire and Twilight craze that is going on now. In this video we see a sexy scantily clad woman that is sensuously taking off her thigh high hose as she is getting ready for bed. This is not something you would expect to see on a commercial, not in the US and not that provocative but as they say, it’s not over yet. In the background you can hear someone walking and the music tempo gets more eerie and races to a crescendo when a vampire walks into the room and throws the woman to the bed. In true undead style he works his way up her body and then opens his mouth to take a nip from her well exposed neck.

Battle of Los Angeles A Syfy Original Movies

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Visually boring and spectacular NOT! I know Syfy has limited budgets on these movies but this was almost as bad asSyFy Original : Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (2011), almost. I think the budget was way less though. Come on, the interior of spaceships that are made of plastic pallets and scrap aluminum? Get real guys and what is up with the chandelier spaceship. (I wonder if they will sell it as one) It looks like it should be in some disco dance hall instead of “stuck” over the skies of Los Angeles. Gaming companies make things look more real and they don’t get the budgets that you do for that one stupid spaceship shot. Who ever is hiring the interns need to get some real professionals in there to show the learners just how it should be done. We have seen better CG effects in hoax videos that have been Photoshopped!

I Captured The King Of The Leprechauns

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Part of the Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color TV series this Disney Special episode was done to help promote the then new film Darby O’Gill and the Little People. It is a carefree heart warming look at how the idea for the film came about in the first place. Walt Disney has always been a story teller and has always wanted to make us believe in that which we normally don’t even consider. We get a wonderful glimpse into that mindset with this TV episode that aired on the 29th of May in 1959. At that time there were no color TV sets so it is all in back and white but that in no way takes away from the charm of this piece. It reminds me of the days in my youth when everyone would gather around the tiny 9 inch TV to watch what was happening around the world. Disney made those times even more fun, more so then they are now.

SyFy Originals Iron Invader (TV 2011)

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Do bears crap in the wood? Yes and so does this SyFy Original Film, it craps out on so many levels. The acting was indeed on par with a decent budget film and so was the cinematography on anything not related to the Invader. The Invader totally kills the show all together and takes a good plot with good actors and slaughters it completely. Who ever was in charge of the creature needs to get help or a bigger computer budget. I know that these films are low budget films but come one the special effects department could have done a better job.

Mysterious Island (TV 2005 Miniseries)

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This version of Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island by Echo Bridge is dubbed “The Most Thrilling Adventure Unknown To Man” by them on the DVD cover and in the promotional material as well. The miniseries does have some thrills but not as much as you would expect with the name Jules Verne in the title. While the show was entertaining and a good addition to any DVD collection it did have some drawbacks that had nothing to do with the story or main character acting. Most of the problems were with the special effects that were used in the film. You see volcano smoke that is not firmly anchored to the top of the mountings, the bottom of the smoke cloud kept moving around. While I understand that smoke does move it does not shift at the top of a hole when it is filling the entire hole. Something like that is not possible, not even in a fantasy setting. Also the blue/green screening was not well executed, the action being filmed was not tracked correctly by the special effects team. It is things like this that you need to try and forget when watching the film. Unfortunately they did a good job with the spiders, I really hate spiders. The rate was fair but the speed it was running did not match up with the landscape like it should and the snake was a bit too rubber looking but was better then the snakes that were seen in other films that we have reviewed.