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Review: Dirty Jobs

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Have you ever heard the They Might Be Giants song, “We Care A Lot”? Not really a bad choice for the theme song of Discovery Channel’s long-running series, Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe has the wonderful job of taking us into places most of would never dream or even nightmare of going into. Usually, for maybe about a day, or maybe more, Mike apprentices in some of the nastiest jobs you never even knew existed. From cleaning out sewage from pipes under a major city, to testing if wild geese might have Avian Flu in the Yukon Delta, Mike has been there, and he’s ready to take on more nasty, icky jobs dealing in the name of sanitation and science.

Review: MythBusters

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There really is not enough said about this wonderfully funny docucomedy done by the Discovery Channel. If you have never watched this show you are missing a lot. The founders of the show Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, special effects wizards, take us on a wild and wacky trip to investigate if something is actually true or not with most of the common myths that we might know.

They have confirmed and busted myths from all over the place with the help of their builders Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara. Yes the show can be geekie but what guy would not want to be educated by Kari and what woman would not want to look dreamy eyed at Grant. Those 2 are not the reason for watching the show but it might at least get you interested enough to watch it.