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Mouth Wide Open campaign in Northamptonshire

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I would like to thank VampireFilmNews on Twitter for this wonderful and funny short video that is now on YouTube. Believe it or not this video is actually a commercial for the NHS Northamptonshire dentists that is taking advantage of all of the vampire and Twilight craze that is going on now. In this video we see a sexy scantily clad woman that is sensuously taking off her thigh high hose as she is getting ready for bed. This is not something you would expect to see on a commercial, not in the US and not that provocative but as they say, it’s not over yet. In the background you can hear someone walking and the music tempo gets more eerie and races to a crescendo when a vampire walks into the room and throws the woman to the bed. In true undead style he works his way up her body and then opens his mouth to take a nip from her well exposed neck.