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Review: Guild Wars Eye Of The North

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Guild Wars Eye Of The North

Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

The most recent addition to NCSoft and ArenaNet’s flagship is that of Guild Wars Eye Of The North. This expansion takes place 8 years after the searing of Ascalon. This is a true expansion as you must have one of the previous games installed to play. The other Guild Wars games are Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions and Guild Wars Nightfall. Adding GW:EN to any of them will unlock a whole new experience for your characters that you might already have.

Review:Love & Death;Bitten

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

In a nice change of pace from the regular puzzle games, I’m taking you into a hidden object mystery from the 18th Century filled with dark magick, logic puzzles, hidden objects, and vampiric spells. Damon has become a vampire through the machinations of a dark queen of the night, and on a hunt, he spots a tasty morsel of a meal that turns out to be the one person who can lift his curse. I really enjoyed helping Victoria in breaking the spells that held her dark prince and the turn in a surprise ending that looks like it could spawn a sequel, which I hope it does. Like the current trend in vampire fiction, Love and Death: Bitten has a romantic twist, but with its historical Olde World setting, it is very different than what we see on the big screen, and even the little screen these days. So come where horror and romance mix in a fun way, and you’ll want to keep playing along with Love and Death: Bitten as much as I did.

Review: Shogun Total War Warlord

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Shogun Total War Warlord Edition
Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Shogun Total War Warlord Edition is one hell of a game. Even though it is 10 years old it is still a classic and worth playing. As old as it is it will even play on Windows 7 with very few problems at all. So if you have a need or wish to conquer Japan then this is the game for you.

With Shogun Total War 2 coming out in March 2011 you might want to pick this gem up while you are waiting for it to come out. Now I will warn you, this game is not that crisp in the graphics department that you have grown accustom to but it still looks better then some of the free MMO games that have been coming out lately. The only place where you even see the graphics not being what you might be used to is when you are controlling your battles as there is not anti aliasing on the units but you wont even mind that at all.