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My Windows 8 Upgrade Experience

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Windows-8-LogoNow I know that there have been many many articles about Windows 8 out there on the net and in the news but I feel that it would be nice to hear about the experience of a everyday user of Windows. Sure I use Windows for more then just blogging, I also play games on it, write on it as well as doing graphic design on research on it. My machine is my everything and everyday machine. This is the machine that I use day in and day out and is not optimized or overclocked for anything other then reliability and some speed. I just hate to wait for things to load.

Review: CSE HTML Validator

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CSE HTML Validator CSE HTML Validator is the only validator that I personally use. I have been using it since 1997 when it was first released. Back then it was one of the very few complient validators for HTML standards and it would catch just about any error that you might put in your code. It even integrates with HomeSite (if you all still use that one), Dreamweaver, TopStyle and can even be used as a CSS/HTML editor all on its own. I find it even better then any validations done by the standards authority for CSS and HTML.