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Star Wars: Republic Commando

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Star Wars: Republic Commando is one the best Star Wars games. This game runs like Ghost Recon in outer space. In this game, you give orders to troops, Shoot down droids, and kill a bunch of ugly aliens. When you are killing something in close combat, you get blood splatter on your helmet and your helmet has a wind shield wiper. I can see clearly now!.

Turok: Evolution

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Turok 4

Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Turok: Evolution is the beginning of the Turok series. This game has a good story and a good gameplay. For graphics, not so great. The graphics looks like N64 games instead a PS2 game. I would think that it looked a little more like Morrowind graphics. The characters’ design looked really bad. They look muddy and low res.

The story in this game is pretty good. Tal’Set was sent to the lost land after his people were killed by a Ranger. In this game you are helping the humans fight the tyrannic army. So, it is like the first game, but before the first game. The gameplay runs like Morrowind, but you can’t switch to third person view. I like the gameplay in this game better than the graphics. You can fly in this game. The flying gameplay runs like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. The AI are sometimes are little buggy. The enemies in this game are sometimes are little stupid, but that’s not so bad. The game slows down sometimes.

Mass Effect for the PS3

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

When you want to just have some fun or want to instead fight your way through impossible odds then Mass Effect will deliver that for you in spades. In the Mass Effect you are Commander Shepard, an Alliance officer as well as N7 special forces and a candidate for Specter status with the Citadel Council. You are also humanity’s only hope to stop the coming thread from dark space just outside the galaxy, the Reapers. BioWare and Edge of Reality have done a great job of giving us an engaging and entertaining space adventure that will keep you coming back for more.

Max Payne

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Max Payne is like a dark DC comics game, but this game isn’t from DC comics. It is a Rockstar game. Is Max Payne a good game? Well, yes and no. The reason why yes because, the storyline, the comic books cut scene, and the weapons. The storyline in this game is actually really good. This game is about this person, Max Payne, who lost his wife and baby. Now he want revenge on the Valkyr. The gangs who like them.

In this game, Max Payne is the like the Punisher. He will kill anyone who breaks the law. Well, he tries to obey the law sometimes. The comics book cut scene looks really good. At least it better than bad CGI cut scene. They look like they took some pictures from the actors and use the computers to put some details into it. Sometimes comics are usually done by hand. In this game, you will have alot weapon to choose from. Some of those weapon does do different kinds of damage. I found a shotgun called the Jackhammer. The Jackhammer does do High damages, fast firing rate, and has 12 rounds of ammo. I wish I had this weapon in Call of Duty.


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dark watch
Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Darkwatch is vampire first person shooter game and fun to play. In this game, you are playing as Jericho Cross. In this game, you can be good or evil. I never played as evil. I always play as good. Good always win against evil. The story about this game is about Outlaw who was go train robbing. He didn’t know what was on the train. So instead, he got bitten by vampire name Lazarus Malkoth. Jericho is got to join the Darkwatch and kill Lazarus once for all. This game is based on a Heavy Metal comic book. I know Heavy Metal comics are very messed up stories as hell. I haven’t read Darkwatch comic and probably will not read it.