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Find Your Own Way Home

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Anyone who was a fan of REO Speedwagon back in the day or even still is now, will heartily enjoy this fresh take on a hidden object mystery. It features music from the band as we follow the misadventures of a rock magazine reporter that has been shadowing the band for quite some time. There are all kinds of puzzles to solve, and you not only need a keen eye, but a sharp ear, because you will be playing a rock version of Simon, and putting together puzzles that give you access to some great tunes.

Royal Riddles – A confusing mosaic of a game

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Today we are looking at the game Royal Riddles, available from Big Fish Games.

The learning curve on this game is rather steep for a casual game, especially when you are used to other types of games that tend to give you step by step hands on tutorials and help. In this game you are given a grid that you must then either block or keep open depending on the information that is given on the edges of the board. The tutorial that you are sped through tells you to click on certain blocks but does not explicitly tell you why. It is a very confusing game to start out with.

There are help informations in the options of the game that are almost as bad as reading stereo or DVD player instructions, but those I would understand. They are not intuitive at all and once you do figure it out, I had to ask my wife for guidance since she had played those kinds of games before, you realize that it is a mosaic game that plays a lot like Sudoku would be played.

Trivia Machine Reloaded

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

While this trivia game was not much to look at or listen to, it was addictive and fun as all get-out! It was a real challenge to pick my brain for answers to questions about certain topics, and find out just how out of touch I was with pop culture, but I was right on with current events, science, history and geography. You get 20 chances to screw up, but the more questions you get right, the longer the game will last. I saw some players with scores in the 1,000,000 plus range on the global scoreboard. I had only played for an hour, but I was glad to see that I never got the same question twice, and I sometimes felt like a real idiot for not know things about certain bands or TV shows, but hell, I grew up in the 80s, so maybe I should go play The 80s Game with Martha Quinn, which is another great trivia game. There really is nothing trivial about holding onto all that great information in your head, and when someone is amazed that you can ramble off your driver’s license or credit card numbers and expiration dates without looking at them, you just chalk it up to using a little part of your brain that they hadn’t. So use that little section now, and play Trivia Machine Reloaded, but try not to stay up all night doing so. It is so easy to do!