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The Essential Earth, Wind & Fire

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There are some classics you never tire of, and The Essential Earth, Wind & Fire has so many of these great hits, you could listen to the CDs for hours and still want more. I’ve loved this band since their days of “Dancing in September” and “Serpentine Fire”, and I was just a kid in elementary school then. This band never ceases to entertain and amaze us, putting out new tracks for fun movies like Robots and Roll Bounce. The sound is heavy in percussion, featuring modern drums and African and Caribbean influences, in songs like “Kalimba Story” and “Drum Song”, which are song some people might not be all that familiar with, plus it has all the big pop radio favourites that played over the airwaves from 1974 to 1983 from the remastering of Lennon and McCartney’s “Got to Get You into My Life” to that 1980s skating rink standard, “Let’s Groove”. You if have always loved the pure sound that is created by the three elements, but could never find all their best in one place, here it is. Philip Bailey, Maurice White, and Verdine White are just the tip of this explosive band that never seems to stop. You will even find the big disco hit “Boogie Wonderland” which was part of huge song and dance scene in the animated family movie, Happy Feet . So, if you’ve had a rough time of it at work, or on the road, the upbeat sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire will perk you up, and the slower, romantic pieces will chill you out. When it comes to having all the best of R & B music in one great package, you cannot go wrong with The Essential Earth, Wind & Fire.

Beach 95.1

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Do you ever have those times when you discover something so fun and enjoyable, you just have to let the world know about it? If you are lucky enough to be in the Florida Panhandle someday, and are enjoying a drive along the Emerald Coast, or even the Forgotten Coast, lock your FM radio dial to 95.1, and you will hear exactly what I mean. This is not a light hits station, and it is not a classic rock station, or a nostalgic R & B station, but a combination of all three, featuring music from the time when it was still all experimental, and we were too naive to know about the artists, but we did not care. We loved them all. I do like the fact that some of the sappier songs of bygone eras have not made airplay on Beach 95.1. DJ’s Charlie Tuna, Jim Dooley, Lisa Lynnette, David Nolin, and Tom Kent all bring a different perspective to the Panhandle with their shows. Tom Kent is full on energy, and makes you want to just keep on rockin’. David Nolan and Jim Dooley get you to and from work and school, and Lisa keeps the workplace light and fun with her show. For the more obscure titles, Charlie Tuna gets into the late night vaults, and brings you songs you know you heard once, but most likely never heard again, like Pablo Cruise’s “Wha’cha Gonna Do?, or “Chicka Boom” by the Groovie Ghoulies.

Deep Within A Faerie Forest

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This music CD from Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule is full of haunting beauty and graceful pagan notes. This is truely their feel good about yourself and everything around you CD. It is a ceremony of nature and the praise to the spirit world around us. Gary and Wendy take us on a journey of discovery and through the myths and homes of the Faerie. This is a must have collection of music for every pagan and most SCA people as well. It is full of soft notes and strong passion to excite the mind and fill our heads with images of wonder and magic. If you were to have only one album from these artists this would be the one to have. Once you listen to Dance Of The Wild Faeries you will never forget it and will always want to have it around to listen to again and again.

Vampire Erotica by Inkubus Sukkubus

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The always sensual Candia Ridley is the lead singer of Inkubus Sukkubus that delights fans around the world with her delightfully eerie voice that propels us into another world full of magic and mysticism. The music from this album is no exception as she weaves for us a tale of paganism, lust and the woman that is Lilith. Vampire Erotica is the bands 5th album and was released in 1997. The various songs on the album touch on many different themes of paganism as well as the persecution that they have suffered now and in the past. It is an album to make people think and to lift the spirits of pagans everywhere. Its not just about sex and vampires but about life and how you should make sure to live that life.