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Sniglet of the Day : December 23

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Sniglet Of The DayPrairie-dog (pre-ree-dawg) v. To pop your head up over the wall of your cubicle to see what is going on in other cubicles.

Not having ever worked in a cube farm, I’m not exactly sure how prairie-dogging works, but I suppose it would be worth the few seconds it takes to pop up out of your seat to look around to see what kind of project your neighbor is working on to break from your own bit of tedium.

Sniglet of the Day : December 22

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Sniglet Of The Dayglassable – n. anything that a parent tells a child not to go near because it can be broken (especially something made of glass)

With the holidays come many overly excited children and way too many glassable things out there to keep them away from. There are far too many glassable nick-knacks that could hit the ground, and they can be found just about anywhere. From the department stores to grandma’s house, or even in the display case of your own home. Holiday seasons are filled with many chocolatey, sugary treats, and this can make these kids go over the top in their sweet-induced candy high. Then fragile items might seem more glassable than ever. So, keep the kids in check, go directly to any department but china or Yuletide decorations, and hope for the best that the kids will follow your directions and not take any detour towards anything glassable along the way. If going to visit elder relatives, warn them of the impending doom that might befall any glassable items in the house, and let the grandparents plan accordingly as they wrap glassable items in tissue paper, and hide them away until Christmas vacation is over. The glassable items just might survive another season, at least until Easter.

Sniglet of the Day: December 21

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Sniglet Of The DayPOSTALPORTS (poh’ stuhl pawrtz) n. The annoying windows in envelopes that never line up with the address.

It’s the week before Yule, but you still have those regular bills to pay, and many of them are still coming by snailmail. When you do get these, you now have the option to pay them online or to snailmail them back. With many of these come blank envelopes that have postalports. These are so you can send back the payment portion of the statement along with your check. If you have some return address stickers and some Forever stamps, just stuff the slips into the envelope, pop on the stickers,and off it goes. The problem with this method, aside from the fact that you have to pay the bill, are the postalports that don’t align with the payment stub when you put it in the envelope. Will this thing make it back to the creditor on time? Should I have just paid this bill online. Many things might go through your head as you are manipulating, or even mangling this stupid piece of paper so it lines up properly with the postalport. It seems that soon the days of the postalport might come to a close. Even though we will still want to see brightly coloured birthday and holiday envelopes, and big packages in brown paper, or even other colours that are now available to us, we really aren’t going to miss those misaligned postalports.

Sniglet of the Day: December 20

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Sniglet Of The Daytepidacious (tep-i-da-shus): the act of setting the water temperature too cold before you enter the shower to ensure that you don’t get burned.

Everyone is pretty much tepidacious, except when having to settle for a cold shower. We all love a long, hot shower, but we really don’t want to be scalded while washing our hair or shaving… whatever parts we shave, especially those of us whom take off every body hair we have. That’s when we are tepidacious. That time just before entering the shower, holding our hand under the bath faucet or shower head, checking with our hand if the water is too hot or too cold, and adjusting it to our liking. After the body shaving, it is probably the least-liked part of getting a shower, but we have to do it. The most effective showers are going to be the ones that feel the best. After too much time in cold camp showers, being tepidacious really is worth the time it takes to figure out just how appreciative we can be of a great water heater.

Sniglet of the Day: December 19

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Sniglet Of The DayNizzlebrill (nih’ zuhl bril) – n. The “night-day” switch on a rearview mirror.

With these days of hitting the malls, parties, discount stores and other places in the holiday shopping rush as the nights come on quicker, aren’t we glad that most of our cars come equipped with nizzlebrills? This is that little switch under the rearview mirror that will aid us in preventing temporary blindness if some idiot decides to tailgate us while driving with their high beams on. Of course, that won’t stop those glaringly bright lights from reflecting of the sideview mirrors. Using the nizzlebrill can cut down that brightness significantly until you can speed up enough to get some distance between you and these kinds of cars. If you are driving in the snowy North, the brightness might become even more enhanced by all that frosty white surrounding you. For those of us in the South, this time of year brings in lots of fog from the Gulf even as soon as the sun goes down, so we are not immune from it. So, remember to keep your nizzlebrills in good repair, and be courteous of other drivers, especially as winter solstice is approaching. The nights are longer now, but that doesn’t mean we have to always use our high beams. Not everyone lives on dark country roads, so quit acting like you do.