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Boy Have I Got A Deal For You…

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Great-Deal-Not-MailingThe other day I went to get the mail, you know, something that you always have to do even if you don’t want to. Well there was a sweet little gem in the bundle of mail that peeked my interest. You see there was this envelope in there that said I was Pre-Qualified from GreatPlains Lending. It saids that there would be more information inside about this great offer that they had for me and not to worry since I was pre-qualified. So I opened it up and started to read, you can see scans of the information that they sent me at the bottom of the article.

Any way, it said that I could get up to $800 as soon as tomorrow, it has a little number 2 on it. That superscript means that there is more information at the bottom of the page. So looking at that area I found the following:

Below The Boat

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BelowTheBoatRan across one of the more interesting site that I have found in some time, Below The Boat. It is not about politics, movies or anything that would be considered controversial. What the site is, is something that I have always loves since I was a child, maps! Not just any kind of maps but ones that are nautical in nature, hydrographic charts that and are sure to be one of a kind no matter how many you might try and collect. These maps speak to you in a way that no other map could.

What makes these maps so unique is that they are laser cut from wood. So what you might say, but you just don’t understand because every piece of wood is like a finger print, totally unique and different. Also these maps are assembles and crafted by hand so that each is literally a one of a kind piece of art. And besides, they are just so cool to look at. One of my favorites is the one that they have done of the Chesapeake Bay, having spent some of my youth and adult hood in Baltimore and on the Easter Shore of Virginia. Here is a bit of the map to see for yourself.

Tutorsville Online Tutoring

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After months of testing students now have an option to get the help that they need right online. They can now visit to get the help that they need and at reasonable prices. They are offering to let you try it for as little as $9 an hour that is Money Back Guaranteed if you are not satisfied with their service. This is going to be great for all those students and college co-eds that are having trouble grasping the subject matter that they are studying.

They have instructors and tutors that are available 24 hours a day and are there 7 days a week. Each is fully certified and have the skills and knowledge to help you understand the material that you need. They even have interactive classrooms that you can visit online any time of the day or night to catch up on what you are having trouble understanding. Can you imagine if you could have that abilities at your own school? One could only wish and it isn’t just business software that they cover.