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Red Blue Or American

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This year we are choosing who our new elected officials are but you would think that we are choosing who will be the lesser of two evils. I keep getting call after call about who I am going to vote for, what way I am leaning and even asking if I were blue or red. You know what? I am an American citizen of the United States of America. That used to mean something when you said it but not any more. Not when you think of all of the infighting that happens in our government and on our streets.

Proud to be American and Made in the USA used to mean a lot, that is till it was made to be us versus them, or states versus federal or corporate versus small business and rich versus poor. When did it get this way and what did they start doing that made it get so bad? People used to be proud to be called an American, used to be proud to say they worked at such and such a place. Where did that all go to? Tell me, where have all the flowers gone, the flower of America?

What is wrong with America, An Opinion!

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Many people say that the problem with America is the government or the schools, myself I think it is a total lack of respect for ones self and those that are around them. How do people get so apathetic? Easy, they just don’t care about anything other then themselves and sometimes not even that. I just ran into this face first at full speed and didn’t even know it till I was miles away with no way to turn around to fix the problem. I just had my order royally botched in such a way that I wasn’t even able to salvage the sandwich at all. Now it sites in the fridge waiting to take to another store to see if amends can be made.

It was God’s Plan, Right…

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I don’t normally comment on what is in the news but this I could not just let slip by. In an interview with reporters George Zimmerman said that it was God’s plan for what had happened that night. More stuff has happened in this world in the name of GOD when it comes to hate and crime. You don’t hear that when people are saved, you don’t hear that when people win the lotto, you don’t hear that when a person swerves and misses a dear so why in all the names of the gods and goddesses do we hear it said for crap like this. If you are following a person at night or out of watch and someone in the shadows spooks you or attacks you how in the hell is that the plan of some god? Get real, it was your own hand that pulled the trigger and not that of some god. It was you that was the person to pull the gun out of your pocket and not some god that you can blame. It was your actions and not that of some god that caused the problem and that of the other person that was involved.

Interesting Phone Call Today

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Interesting phone call today right as I was preparing for a review for you all. I was contacted by a SEO company to have my purchase from them a gorilla marketing package from them. They told me that in exchange for $79 they would rewrite my title and meta tags, submit my site to the major search engines of Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and other websites to give my site more exposure. For any that have found this site you know that we have exposure in all of those search engines and they said that up to 100 more websites they would submit to. Some of those sites use the indexes of the others for their search results. How interesting of them to suggest that they would do this for me when that is what I have done and still do to make sure that you know when there are updates on the site.

Journey Of Life

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Photo take by Cleave Drummond at EPCOT – March 1996

You always hear about people wanting to hurry up and get someplace. They want to get to the end of a game, get to the end of dinner, get to the end of the road, get to the end of just about everything, sometimes even sex. Why in the hells would you want THAT to end soon. I can tell you I want that to last as long as it can. Why would you not want anything to last as long as it can, that is the point of a journey.

Think about it this way, when you play a game it is supposed to be for your enjoyment and you should want to enjoy it for as long as you can. Why would you want your enjoyment to stop? If you finish the game or anything for that matter, you get a rush and then it is over. While you are in the game you are pulled this way and that, you are challenged and you are thinking about what comes next and how you might be able to over come it. The same is true when reading a book. When I get to the end of a book that I like I am disappointed when it ends, just like the previous activity mentioned earlier. I want things to be enjoyed as long as possible before they have to end. The same is true about life.