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Something to remember about voting, it is a privilege and a right!

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With the election just days away everyone should know that it is their right and privilege to vote. While many feel that means that they should not even care about the vote, that is just wrong. Everyone should vote to show who they feel should be in the office that they are voting on. You shouldn’t worry about who is going to win but you should vote from the heart. You should vote for the person that you feel would do the BEST job for the office that they are running. If you feel that they are not suited then don’t vote for that person but please vote. The election is not a horse race and when people stop betting on who the winner is going to be we might actually see some meaningful change in this country of ours. So take a look at this video, it just might show you a thing or two.

Red Blue Or American

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This year we are choosing who our new elected officials are but you would think that we are choosing who will be the lesser of two evils. I keep getting call after call about who I am going to vote for, what way I am leaning and even asking if I were blue or red. You know what? I am an American citizen of the United States of America. That used to mean something when you said it but not any more. Not when you think of all of the infighting that happens in our government and on our streets.

Proud to be American and Made in the USA used to mean a lot, that is till it was made to be us versus them, or states versus federal or corporate versus small business and rich versus poor. When did it get this way and what did they start doing that made it get so bad? People used to be proud to be called an American, used to be proud to say they worked at such and such a place. Where did that all go to? Tell me, where have all the flowers gone, the flower of America?

There is only ONE solution to this – vote every incumbent out for the future of our country

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Here is an interesting e-mail that I received that says it all! If you don’t agree then you are just part of the problem.

… There is only ONE solution to this (and many other issues like an unfunded (zero balance) Social Security Trust Fund). Can you imagine a company that you worked and for years paid into the retirement plan not having a PENNY in the pension fund? The management would go to jail.

The solution is not a petition, protest, or amendment to the constitution. It’s not putting the other party in power because THEY will solve it. And it is very simple and WILL work. Vote EVERY incumbent out. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. That might mean you have to vote for a Republican if you are a Democrat or visa versa. Ignore all the campaign rhetoric and professional advertisements. Do it because this is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It’s about corruption on both sides and the incumbent’s illegitimate power. Put your party affiliation aside and vote every incumbent out for the future of our country… Take Henry Ford’s advise…Don’t find fault, find a remedy.

The Media And Politics: A Retrospective

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If one were to believe everything that is in the news about politics these days you would have a really skewed view of America and its political parties. Lately almost all you hear about is the Republican Primary. With as much news coverage that it is getting you would think that America is electing its next president right now. You would think that the White House has been usurped by a Muslim radical that is not even a United States citizen who wants to start the next jihad. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not having the general election now. We do not have a Muslim in office. We are not having a holy war at this time.

A change needed in America Now

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There is a new candidate that is out there trying to get support for their run for president of these supposed United States. His name is Buddy Roemer and he is running as a Reform Candidate as well as that of Americans Elect. He is trying to get support without getting money from Super PACs and wont allow anyone to donate more then $100 dollars to his campaign. He wants to make a change in Washington and get the corporate lobbyists out. He wants to be the American President that is chosen by the people and not by some super committees or bought out election process.