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Kohru Kitty loves Gaming!

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Gamers make great cat people, but you all knew that. Now it seems cats also make great gamers, or so this one thinks as he is following along with elemental, spirits, and little undead minions in the old Guild Wars game just outside of the area known as Ascalon Foothills. He joined with a team of a ranger and a ritualist along with their heroic henchmen on the way to vanquishing a small area on the big map of Tyria just before dinnertime. Will the cute and cuddly Kohru visit the world of Tyria again? Will it be the old one or the new one? Say tuned to Musing From Us to find out what other kinds of games Kohru likes to join in on!

Kittens at Play

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The neighbors’ cats have been productive, and this time these fluffy little babies are the result!

We really do have some wild tomcats around here, and they seem to produce some sweet little things. Even Agnes’ unicorn from Despicable Me wasn’t as fluffy as that little grey and white tribble with feet and claws. Cleave was just lucky enough to be out and about to get this little video today of these fluffbuddies as they were nipping at the nekomimi and having trouble getting to their tiny paws. Even our kitten, Koru, came over to see what they were up to. Can you blame him?

Sometimes you come across something so….

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…Amazing!!! And you just have to share it! It’s one day before Caturday, but this kind of fun cannot be contained, so get your weekend started with some great cat moments all condensed into four minutes and sixteen seconds. It’s pure freaky feline fun!

Have a great weekend!

It’s a Natural Thing

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Naturally, animals, particularly cats, make the best music video stars, and here we see them with other creatures in the best cats chasing a laserpointer video ever! The song is “Natural Thing” by Nobody Beats the Drum.

These cats and a few dogs are doing what comes naturally, with lots of energy and one big red light, and all you cat lovers out there will want to watch this over and over again. Your cats will even watch, too, and follow the red light and the antics of his or her fellow felines. You might even see a ferret mixing it up, too! Schrodinger’s Box has been mentioned often, but I’m guessing we never knew there was a big ole party up in there.

Keep this video on, and you can keep your pets entertained for hours and yourself as you watch them. Lots of fun for a rainy Saturday afternoon, such as it is here right now. One cat tested, and it works fine, now I need to find another one!

The Joys Of House Cats

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Cats are such wonderful creatures. They can fill your life with joy and give you happiness when no one is around. They keep you company and demand only your occasional affection in return. They really are the perfect pet to have and companion when no one is around. They are fascinating to look at and fun to watch as they roll and play or even watch them as they twitch in their sleep as they dream of some mouse they might be chasing. They really are wonderful creations given to us as a gift from Mother Nature herself but just as all people know, women can be really fickle at times. No wonder the cat is associated with the feminine.