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Wibbell Studios news about HMV and Blockbuster

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While checking the mail today I can across the long overdue newsletter from Wibbell. Their words, not mine. While it was great to see them getting the newsletter out I was saddened to see the state of DVD rentals and sales over in the UK. HMV and Blockbuster are going to be closing due to lost sales due to people buying DVDs and Blu-Rays on the internet. I can see how this would hurt many of the indie film makers and here is what the newsletter had to say on the subject. By the way, the newsletter is here in its entirety by permission from Allin Kempthorne (Pictured to the left) who wrote and directed Vampires Of Bloody Island.

Tutorsville Online Tutoring

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After months of testing students now have an option to get the help that they need right online. They can now visit to get the help that they need and at reasonable prices. They are offering to let you try it for as little as $9 an hour that is Money Back Guaranteed if you are not satisfied with their service. This is going to be great for all those students and college co-eds that are having trouble grasping the subject matter that they are studying.

They have instructors and tutors that are available 24 hours a day and are there 7 days a week. Each is fully certified and have the skills and knowledge to help you understand the material that you need. They even have interactive classrooms that you can visit online any time of the day or night to catch up on what you are having trouble understanding. Can you imagine if you could have that abilities at your own school? One could only wish and it isn’t just business software that they cover.

It was God’s Plan, Right…

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I don’t normally comment on what is in the news but this I could not just let slip by. In an interview with reporters George Zimmerman said that it was God’s plan for what had happened that night. More stuff has happened in this world in the name of GOD when it comes to hate and crime. You don’t hear that when people are saved, you don’t hear that when people win the lotto, you don’t hear that when a person swerves and misses a dear so why in all the names of the gods and goddesses do we hear it said for crap like this. If you are following a person at night or out of watch and someone in the shadows spooks you or attacks you how in the hell is that the plan of some god? Get real, it was your own hand that pulled the trigger and not that of some god. It was you that was the person to pull the gun out of your pocket and not some god that you can blame. It was your actions and not that of some god that caused the problem and that of the other person that was involved.