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Halloween Pumpkin Carving for 2011

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This year I decided to carve me a pumpkin and found out that it is not really hard to do if you just take your time. Sure there are many Pumpkin Carving Kits out there that you can use but they are not a necessity if you have some useful things laying around the house or workshop. If you are like me you have all sorts of stuff laying around that you can use. But with any project you need to have a plan and a direction to go in. Use the tools that you have available to you like the computer that you are using right now to look at this page. You can find lots of good ideas just from the things that you look at online. You could do a scary cat, a sad dog or anything that your imagination could think of as long as it can be reduced to a simple 2 color design. My inspiration came from games that I play online.