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How To Make An Elegant Paper Box

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Ever have something that you really liked but didn’t have anything to store it in and everything you try to find is not the right size? This guide will show you how you can make your own elegant paper box that is just right for what you either want to display, keep safe or just store it in for later use. These boxes can be made for anything that you want and the beauty of this guide is that you can custom make each one. They never have to be a one size fits all with what you are wanting to do. The boxes themselves can even be a gift if you make it fancy enough or special enough to give. While a box can be made for almost anything the one shown here will most definitely be for small things like keepsakes or pens. Trying to use the steps that I give here would not be useful for something really large, this is all about style and elegance and not shipping.

Practical Guide To Making A Writing Journal

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This guide will explain to you and show you with pictures how you can make your own writing journal. You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive one when you don’t have the money for one, you can make one right at how with stuff that you most likely already have around the house. Just think of the pride you will have in knowing you finally did something with all that paper laying around that you never use. Can you just imagine how you will feel when you get to show it off to all of your family and friends. This is one project that you are going to make use of for the rest of your life so make sure you read it well and look at the pictures in the gallery at the end of this guide.

Ink From Berries

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When ever you go looking online for a recipe to make ink from berries you wind up seeing the same text, the exact same text on each site that you go to. You don’t see any pictures, you don’t see any thoughts or guide lines, you just see a small set of instructions with a ton of ads all around what has been copied onto the page. Not seeing what I wanted to find out I took that recipe and then experimented with it to see what I would be able to come up with. At least you are going to be able to see images with this step by step guide and it will be more how to instead of how many ads can be stuck on one single page.