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Tutorsville Online Tutoring

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After months of testing students now have an option to get the help that they need right online. They can now visit to get the help that they need and at reasonable prices. They are offering to let you try it for as little as $9 an hour that is Money Back Guaranteed if you are not satisfied with their service. This is going to be great for all those students and college co-eds that are having trouble grasping the subject matter that they are studying.

They have instructors and tutors that are available 24 hours a day and are there 7 days a week. Each is fully certified and have the skills and knowledge to help you understand the material that you need. They even have interactive classrooms that you can visit online any time of the day or night to catch up on what you are having trouble understanding. Can you imagine if you could have that abilities at your own school? One could only wish and it isn’t just business software that they cover.

Geology vs. God….wait… What?

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It’s all over the news, and has been for some time now. The earth’s subduction zones are being a bit more vocal than usual. Maybe Gaia is just stretching a bit. With a 24,901.55 miles waistline, that can be a pretty rough bit of movement, but if we look at maps of the earth from the past, and present, we can sort of predict a future of geological cycles. Geologist Christopher R. Scotese came up with the Paleomap project years ago as an educational aid for science classes. These maps not only give us a look at the earth through early prehistory, from the Late Precambrian period to the Ice Age, but we see our current earth, as well as speculation on what a future earth might look like from 50 million, to 250 million years from now. That’s 4+ billion years of subduction plates shifting around….. wait… What’s that you say? How could there be maps of what the earth might have looked like 650 million years ago when Yahweh created the earth about 10,000 years ago? Oh, I see, Yahweh has a sense of humour and placed all this falsely dated stuff out there to keep humans digging around to prove him wrong. I might expect something like that from Loki, a god whose sphere is mischief, but Yahweh? A very jealous Hebrew war god who hates just about everything humanity does if they do not worship him. A war god who will punish you eternally if you might have a bit of hedonistic fun. He has a sense of humour? Something doesn’t seem right here. Massive earthquake activity a sign of the End Times? Well, let’s look back into Earth’s recent history and see how many times we thought the End Times might be upon us in… say… the last hundred years.

Idiots and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnWhat is it with all of the stupid PC political correctness that we are seeing in this world today. I can not believe that someone is rewriting Mark Twains classic book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn just to edit out one word. Sure it is a distasteful word but to get rid of it sets a very bad president for anything in history. And the term nigger means several different things and is more the product of illiterate fools that don’t know their language then anything else. It is also tied directly into how people talk. Next thing you know they will be rewriting all the books with occult items in it because they are going to be afraid that kids might get the wrong idea.