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Mama Mia!

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This is a movie adaptation of a very, very popular stage show that has taken the world by storm. Mama Mia! is set in a Greek Island town. A young woman, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is about to get married, and wants to know who her real father is. After learning about three potential father by reading her mother’s dairy, which seems to have been written in the 70s, she sends out invitations to the three former swains of her mother’s. Donna (Meryl Streep) was quite a sexual adventurer in her younger days, according to the diary. When Sophie’s bridesmaids, Lisa (Rachel McDowall) and Ali (Ashley Lilley) show up, she reads to them from the diary to tell them how she learned who her father might be. Later that day, Donna’s former bandmates, the reclusive writer Rosie (Julie Walters) and high-maintenence serial divorcee’ Tanya (Christine Baranski) show up for the wedding. The menopausal trio have a bit of a torrid past of their own, as they used to be pop singers, and when Donna declares that she does not miss sex at all, the other two know something is very wrong.

Riverdance Live From New York City

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Skirts, Legs, Tights Oh My! Riverdance tours the world and makes videos of the very best of their productions and the one that they recorded at Radio City Music Hall in New Your City is one of their best and one of their best DVDs. There is nothing that can be said wrong about this production except that they should have changed the taps on the Flamenco dancer (Maria Pages)’s shoes or add more wood to the sounding stage. She was attacking the floor to try and get some sound. Later in the show it does seem that they either gave her new shoes or added more mettle taps so that they could be heard properly. Seriously, that was the only problem with the show that I could see.

Happy Feet

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This fun, funky fresh movie won an Oscar for Best Animated Picture in 2007, and it was very well deserved. A galaxy of stars did the voices for these penguins. Elijah Wood does the voice of Mumble, an Emperor Penquin that went through some questionable development when his father, Memphis (Hugh Jackman), drop his egg during a very rough winter at the South Pole, while dreaming of Mumble’s mother, Norma Jean (Nichole Kidman) while she was away at the fishing grounds. In this version of Antarctica, Emperor penguins look for their mates using a heartsong, but none of them can dance. Due to Memphis’ mistake, Mumble is a little odd. He cannot sing, but he has a talent for tap dancing, which his society does not quite understand, but this also brands him as an outcast. He has only one friend, Gloria (Brittany Murphy), and as she grows, she develops a talent for singing that rivals even Norma Jean’s. Later, after botching a graduation celebration with his really bad singing, Mumble gets separated from the class, and after a nasty chase from a leopard seal, Mumble meets with the Adelie Amigos, Ramon (Robin Williams), Nestor (Carlos Alazraqui), Raul (Lombardo Boyar), Rinaldo (Jeff Garcia), and Lombardo (Johnny Sanchez), a group of fun-loving, arrogant Adelie Penguins, who take to Mumble’s fun dance, and find him to be “so accidentally cool!” In the Adelie colony, there is a “guru” that everyone looks to for answers. Lovelace (Robin Williams) is a Macaroni Penguin that feels that because he was “bestowed” with a magical talisman, actually, a set plastic six-pack rings, he now knows all the answers. Mumble goes to Lovelace for guidance, but never gets his questions answered. He goes back to the Emperor colony to find Gloria, where he meets with Gloria and helps her find her heartsong and the all the young penguins get into the dancing celebration, but the colony elders accuse his odd ways of being the cause of why the food supply is running out, and Mumble is going to find the truth. This takes Mumble to places he could never have imagined, where his dancing really comes of some use in helping his colony and other animals that live near them.

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar Music Video

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Felicia-Day-Do-You-Wanna-Date-My-AvatarThis video is steaming hot and ready to make you want to crawl back into your MMORPG for some love. Hot women in fantastical settings, gyrations and skimpily dresses. Who wouldn’t want to be there and this video has all of that and more. A catchy tune that will stick in your head for days and you wont care that it does as each note brings back memories of the scenes seen in the video as well as the words from the song.

The normally plain faced Felicia Day also known as Codex is transformed into a goddess of game and song. Her voice is mesmerizing and a real pleasure to listen to and she definitely knows how to use her assets. This is one song that you will find yourself singing along to before you even realize it.

Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)

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Come to the Valley in the late 1980s for a trippy campy sci-fi musical that gives us the one of the funniest and kookiest looks at So-Cal culture back in the day. Pastels, big hair, surfer dudes, and pink cars are the norm in this wild and crazy…. chick flick? Even the opening credits are filled with graphics of spaceships and aliens from the 1930s-50s. Valerie (Geena Davis) is a nail technician engaged to a doctor, Ted, (Clearles Rocket) whom happens to be looking for his last fling before their wedding. After not giving into Valerie’s desires for two weeks, Valerie is troubled, and tells her best friend and co-worker, Candy (Julie Brown) about it, and the whole of the beauty shoppe, Curl Up & Dye, give her a blonde makeover to help her get a new perspective and to get Ted interest in her back. The plan backfires when Ted brings home a nurse from work, and the two women find out what he’s up to. Valerie kicks Ted out of the house, but on this same night, Earth is being watched by two furry, horny aliens Zeebo (Damon Wayans) and Wiploc (Jim Carrey) who are in the need of some female release. They pickup a signal from a TV station broadcasting an advertisment for an aerobics class in Hollywood, and find the hairless females of earth to be very exotic and pleasing. They lose the signal, and come closer to Hollywood. The next morning they are hovering over Valerie’s backyard watching her as she’s tanning. They fight over the scope, and cause their little spaceship to crash in the pool, which wakes up the ship’s captain, Mac (Jeff Goldblum). Valerie thinks she’s hallucinating, and tries to swim through the spaceship, and there begins the real story when Mac rescues her after hitting her head on the spaceship.