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The Last Man : A comedy about the last three people on Earth and their terrible relationship problems

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The-Last-Man-2000-Movie-PosterI’m thinking The Last Man is a remake of the 1985 Australian film, The Quiet Earth, but there are many differences. The Last Man is more upbeat and funnier, and has less of a mysterious sci-fi quality to it. This movie was made with a shoestring budget, it was quite easy to see, since the sets were pretty much various places in the California desert, and there was only a cast of three people. Still, all things considered, to me, it was still better than the Aussie movie.

The Santa Clause – You’ve Never Seen Santa Quite Like This Before

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As lives go for divorced dads, Scott Calvin’s (Tim Allen) could be much better. He’s great at his job as an executive at a Toy Company, but as a dad, he’s really lacking. When his son, Charlie Calvin (Eric Lloyd) comes to spend Christmas Eve with him, things take a serious turnaround for the lives of everyone in the Calvin social circle. Charlie is a firm believer in the legend, as most kids are, but his mother, Laura Calvin Miller (Wendy Crewson), and psychiatrist stepfather, Dr. Neil Miller (Judge Reinhold) find that they want Charlie to let go of the story and believe in only what he can see.

Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front

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A few years ago, Disney and Red Om films treated us to quite a few American Girl movies as an annual treat during the holidays, and with this being Pearl Harbor Day, Musings decided to go with not only the WWII-themed appropro Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front, but also one of the best of the American Girls movies in the series. If you are one whom is easily caught up in tears of happiness, confusion, and sometimes sadness, make sure you have tissues, paper towels, a dish towel, or even your pet cat close by to wipe your tears on, or else your collar will be wet by the time this eighty-five minute movie is over.

Blast from the Past (1999)

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This 1999 culture clash romantic comedy is just so much fun to watch, you find it sort of disappointing when it ends. The story of a man that grew up in a fall-out shelter right under the growing region of the San Fernando Valley from 1962 and did not come to the light until 1999 is amazing and funny. So how did this all happen? It starts during the height of the Cold War, when Castro had missiles aimed right at Key West, and the whole of the nation was caught up in communism paranoia. It all started at the residence of Calvin Weber (Christopher Walken), a professor at a prominent science college in SoCAl, and his very pregnant wife, Helen (Sissy Spacek). They are having a fun get together with all their friends, mixing champagne cocktails and martinis, listening to Perry Como on the hi-fi stereo, swapping recipes, and the like.

Immortals (2011) The Gods Need a Hero

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If you love Greek Mythology and want to see a film about it a la 300 style then you will love this film. If you hated 300 with a passion you MIGHT be able to tolerate this film. Just like 300, by the way this film was done by the same person that did 300, this film is all in black and gold as it it would make the story any better. What is wrong with having some color in a film? If I wanted all black and gold I would watch some old classic 50’s or 60’s film on Greek Mythology and frankly, it would be a better film. If I want to see stop motion photography I would watch a classic film that actually used it instead of a computer enhanced version.