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Noah (2014) The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning

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Noah-2014-Movie-PosterWe all know the story of Noah, at least any and all that have even heard about the bible. Even those that have not know many of the great flood stories that are all around the world. They all have a very common theme of a man, his wife and a few children saving the world from massive flood waters. How do they save the world? They save it by building an ark for themselves and all the animals that they can find so that something will remain. This version of Noah is no different except it has biblical threads woven in and around it. That is what makes it so controversial, it is based on the biblical story.

The Impossible (2012) Nothing is more powerful than the human spirit

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The-Impossible-2012-Movie-PosterThere are films that will tear at your heart and wring you dry and this is one of those films. You will cry with both sadness and happiness as you follow the tale of a family that is trying to survive one of the most devastating tsunamis that south Asia has seen. The title is apt in that it is a seemingly impossible task for a husband, a wife and three kids that are at first torn apart and then find their way back together again. It is a story of how the human spirit and both desire and love can bring a family back together again. This film is visually stunning and yet emotionally horrifying and uplifting at the same time.

Azumi – From the ravages of war rises the ultimate assassin

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Azumi-2003-DVD-InsertFrom the directer of Godzilla: Final Wars and producer of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, bring you a samurai assassin movie you will enjoy. The movie is called Azumi. Azumi is young girl who is trained to be a assassin. In her beginning of the story, her mother died out in the desert. She was a little girl at the time when her mother died. There were a group of samurai who had kids that lost their family as well. The samurai raises Azumi, and all her life is her master. Azumi made friends with them. When she got older, her master want her to not be weak. The master wants Japan to be peaceful nation. So Azumi and her friends must help the master to bring Japan to peace. Could they do it? Find out when you are watching this movie.

Real Steel : If you get one shot, make it real

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Real-Steal-Movie-PosterAt first glance you would think that this film would be rather boring if you had not seen the trailers but it is anything but boring. You have strong believable visuals with a blending of the real and CGI to give you an experience like none other. You can almost feel the battles that you see on the screen and almost smell the oil and metal that is being pulverized by these metal giants. The film draws you in and leave you in tears at the end as you cheer for the little junk yard ‘bot.

Hugo : Unlock The Secret

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Hugo-2011-Cover-Art “One of the most legendary directors of our time takes you on an extraordinary adventure.” was one of the tagline used to advertise this amazing film, and it does not break this promise. This is a completely different kind of movie for director Martin Scorsese, but when it came to giving us a great story filled with fantastic imagery, conflict, and even a mystery, he nailed it, and very well.

This is a story about Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield), a boy living in a train station in Paris during the art deco days of the early 1930s. This is no ordinary train station, as it is filled with all kinds of shops that welcome travelers from all over the Continent. There is a bakery, a cafe, a flower shop, a live band, and much more. Hugo is being looked after by his drunken uncle, but it is he whom keeps the clocks at the station well-oiled and running. He learned the skills on how to work with gears and spring from his father, a clockmaker. This is the family business.