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Happy Feet (2006) May Cause Toe-Tapping

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As the tag in the title says, this film will get your toes and fingers tapping as you are watching the film. While Musings has reviewed this film before it deserves a revisit not only because it is a different reviewer but it just really is that good of a film. We get to see the journey of discovery by a loveable little fuzz ball of a penguin named Mumbles and how it is that he is able to save his entire race from starvation and death. It is a film that will move your heart and might even bring a tear to your eye but in the end you are going to be feeling good about yourself and those around you. It really that powerful a movie that will stick with you for a very VERY long time.

Xanadu : Where time stops and the magic never ends.

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Take all the trends from the year 1980, the emergence of punk rock, the non-stop roller skating, the kicky leg warmers, and the popularity of the world’s favourite Australian, and mix it together with a Big Band sound and a dancing actor whose hey day was the 1950s. Then add extras that came in on the cattle call from what must have been most every drag club in L.A., and add a dash of a few Solid Gold dancers. You get Xanadu, and you wonder why this movie was so popular, considering it was so mediocre. Now, it does have a great soundtrack, and it is not usual for an average movie to have the capability to rock. (See Detroit Rock City) It might have been this advantage that gave it a good advertising boost. The fact that the country was still enjoying Olivia Newton-John’s popularity from her performance in “Grease” a couple of years before could have something to do with it. Maybe some the grandparents enjoyed seeing one of their favourite dance stars, Gene Kelly, on the big screen again, amazed that he hadn’t lost any of his moves. Micheal Beck seems more like a prop for Olivia’s character of Kira, who is really an immortal muse in disguise. It could have been many different things, but what I thought looked so cool when I was fifteen looks a bit too bright and flashy at forty-six.

Bring It On

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While not one of the best movies of the 2000’s, Bring It On is fresh and gives us a glimpse into a world many of us would not consider looking into. That of cheerleading. This story focuses on the cheer squad of Rancho Carne High School in San Diego. The El Toros have won the national cheerleading championships for five years straight. They are so good that no one ever comes to the games to see the teams they cheer for, just them. Even the the band perks up when they come on to the field. This year, the new captain is Torrence Shipman (Kirsten Dunst), and she is confident that she will not have any problems taking the team to their sixth victory, since she will be doing the routine that was created be the former captain, Big Red (Lindsay Sloane) had put together. Big Red had lead them to quite a few consecutive national championship wins, so it would be easy enough to take what was already set for the next win. Torrence is in for a very rude awakening when she loses one of her squad members, Kasey (Rini Bell) to a pyramid accident, and she needs to be replaced. After some very interesting tryouts, and some cheer snobbery by Courtney (Clare Kramer) and Whitney (Nicole Bilderback), who were both pushing to get Whitney’s slightly slutty little sister on the Toros squad, Torrence overrules everyone and chooses an accomplished gymnast with an attitude, Missy Pantone (Eliza Dushku), as the new member. Torrence has support on her decision from two of the male cheerleaders on the squad, Jan (Nathan West) and Les (Huntley Ritter), because they see Missy as a positive asset to the squad.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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One of the best children’s stories of the 20th century gets new life in this 21st century remake. The characters are better defined, given more personality, and updated for a brand new audience. Johnny Depp plays the bizarre genius chocolatier, Willy Wonka, who sends the world into a frenzy after closing his factory gates for a period of years. Charlie Bucket (Freddie Highmore) is a very poor kid who enjoys chocolate as a savory treat, and knows how to make it last. This is a very good thing, because he only gets one bar of chocolate a year, on his birthday. Even though Charlie is poor, he has a very loving, big family, so he never really misses all the luxuries he could have.

In a whirlwind marketing scheme, Willy Wonka sends out five golden tickets in random chocolate bars. Whomever finds the tickets gets to take a guided tour of the factory with Willy Wonka, and they also get a lifetime supply of chocolates. What kid would not want that? Charlie is dreaming big these days, thanks to the stories told to him by Grandpa Joe, whom was a very loyal employee of Wonka’s before the gates were closed due to industrial spies.

Riverdance Live From New York City

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Skirts, Legs, Tights Oh My! Riverdance tours the world and makes videos of the very best of their productions and the one that they recorded at Radio City Music Hall in New Your City is one of their best and one of their best DVDs. There is nothing that can be said wrong about this production except that they should have changed the taps on the Flamenco dancer (Maria Pages)’s shoes or add more wood to the sounding stage. She was attacking the floor to try and get some sound. Later in the show it does seem that they either gave her new shoes or added more mettle taps so that they could be heard properly. Seriously, that was the only problem with the show that I could see.