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Son Of Batman (2014) Indiscretion of a Bat

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Son-of-Batman-2014-Cover-ArtA surprisingly good animated story about the union of Batman and the Magician, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s you will recall is one of the Bat’s greatest enemies as well as one of his teachers. This story shows us that a chance encounter or rather manipulation of Bruce Wayne by Talia produced a son, named Damian. And what a child he is.

Damian has all the warmth and compassion that you would expect being a child of Talia and the grandson of the leader of the League of Shadow, actually League of Assassins in the film. He also has the resourcefulness and tenacity to complete that his father Bruce Wayne has as well as that intellect. He proves this at one point when he tells his father that he had been hacking into the Batcave computers ever since he was 4 years old. Batman just gave the kid the “It figures” look and continued on since he couldn’t do anything about it anyway.

Dredd (2012) A Day In The Life, Judgment is coming

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Dredd-2012-Blu-ray-Insert-ArtThis film is a true tribute to 2000 AD and its 35 years of Dredd that they have given to the world. The film is gritty and a testament to the comic itself. This is no super hero with ulterior motives, this is a man with only one mission in life, the law. This film shows that but also shows that he does indeed have a heart. Even though the film Judge Dredd was fun, this one kicks it in the ass and tells it to never come back. This is Mega City 1 and the world of Judge Dredd.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

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Sandra Bullock came back to screen for 2005’s Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, a cute chick flick, but not nearly as good as its original. In this story, Gracie Hart has left the Miss United States pageant behind her, and is in an off-screen relationship with he co-worker Eric Matthews. Gracie is also losing ground as an efficient agent, since she has become famous for stopping the bombing in San Antonio. Her fling with Eric lasts a whole three weeks, and new things are happening at the FBI New York office. There is another version of the old Gracie working there. She is the petite, feisty, in need of some serious anger management Sam Fuller (Regina King), and she has a attitude that makes Gracie’s old one look like sunshine and lollipops. The two ladies confront each other one afternoon in the gym, and a cat fight nearly breaks out, but the boys break them up.

Miss Congenality : She’s Got A Killer To Catch… Right After The Swimsuit Competition.

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Sandra Bullock has come a long way since her portrayal of Gracie Hart in 2000. Here she played as an angry FBI agent, a nerdy girl stuck in a man’s world. She’s unrefined, unkempt, too practical for words, has no relationships, and amazing skills, which makes her a great agent. She’s nondescript, and blends in well into many situations, but when a new case comes along where she has to shine, it is going to take far more polish than anyone ever dream of to make this dark seed into a flower.

Gone In 60 Seconds (2000) Cut to the Chase

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This film was a remake of a 1974 film of the same name with a similar plot but with different names for the characters that are used in the film. This film is full of high speed action and crazy car chases as the bad boy gone good gone bad again to save his brother tries to stay one step ahead of the law. The film has lots of action, hard rock’n music and even an explosion or two during some of the wildest car chases you will see on the screen. If you love fast cars, good music and a bit of comedy here and there then you are going to enjoy this film, without a doubt.